Thread: FireRed hack: Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar
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    Originally Posted by chrunch View Post

    you could do with some decoration in this image, the player is just standing on a flat chunk of land, and there there could be some things in the water (rocks?) to make it a bit more interesting.

    I don't like the rocks placement either, a few scattered around is ok sometimes but all of them in a big rectangular shape looks unappealing. Maybe you could replace the rocks with some mountain?

    I like the idea but you could do with some work on your mapping to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The tiles look ok, in the first pic it looks a bit too dark, although the tiles seem to be different in the other screenshots. It's a good idea but you should work on the implementation a bit more.
    Yea, I know, i'll be working on those, seeing as how this is my first hack and I only started it a week ago lol.
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