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While the world is blessed with magnificent creatures mankind has dubbed as Pokemon, there will always be those willing to exploit such blessings for their own purposes. Such is the way that time and again organizations such as Team Rocket and Team Plasma have come into power. Even with each group being defeated before fully completing their goals, many people kept the notion that there will inevitably be a new crime group established and continue the cycle of constant struggle throughout the regions. As a response to humanities constant abuse and exploitation of them, wild Pokemon began to distrust humans as a whole and became increasingly more violent.

This was the reasoning behind the world’s government militarization. While bringing order to criminals and terrorists, citizens would also be protected from the frequently increasing Pokemon attacks throughout the regions. The first regiments were flawed in ways no one expected. Most of the enlisted were Pokemon trainers with no actual combat experience, had no armor for protection, and did not carry personal weapons into battle. These flaws, along with the dirty handed tricks of the various teams and the savage fighting styles by wild Pokemon, became the cause of immense casualties from both fronts of the conflict. The army stood no chance with both thug and beast targeting the vulnerable trainers.

And thus began an arms build-up that changed the world. Over the course of decades, armor advances turned what was once primitive armor padding into high-tech state of the art battle suits capable of reducing and sometimes even nullifying once fatal blows from Pokemon attacks. With the advantage in their favor, the world government’s army was able to secure many crushing victories the comparatively under-funded, under-equipped, and under-manned teams. However, the increased conflicts between humans and their tamed Pokemon still fueled the aggression of the Pokemon found in the wild. While timid and weak Pokemon were usually not a threat to people unless provoked or cornered, stronger and much more aggressively natured Pokemon were still very much a threat.
Over the years, towns and cities began to build up walls around their borders, and many outposts and strongholds were built along the main Routes. Patrols became a regular occurrence along many of them, and Gym Leaders became de-facto commanders of a town’s watch. The abundance of new Pokemon trainers began to decline with the increased risk associated with the practice, and the amount of participants in the leagues started to dwindle. Eventually the league crumbled from lack of public support and all protection duties of the Gym Leaders became absorbed by the military.

Throughout the years, multiple government funded researches into the human genome and experiments found genetic anomalies that were assumed to be the cause of the special bond between mankind and Pokemon felt by trainers that allowed the creatures to be tamed so relatively easy. The experiments conducted were made in hopes of finding a way to diminish the recently created hostilities of wild Pokemon. The most groundbreaking discovery was that each human possessed an affinity for a certain Type within their DNA, which was hypothesized to allow a person to connect with a Pokemon of that Type if the ability was amplified.

One particular experiment had an estimated success rate of less than one percent, but subjects who tested positive showed a highly increased rate of bonding with tamed lab Pokemon of a particular Type. Further studies proved that even wild Pokemon could be tamed by use of the serum providing the subject came in contact with the right Type of Pokemon. The one time ejection was ordered en masse by the government and then distributed throughout the world, becoming mandated as a part of immunity shots for children.

The serum also had and unforeseen side-effect on the latest armor advancements when a person with an amplified bond to an uncaught Pokemon wore one in battle. The Pokemon in question would seem to fuse with the person, and the suit’s variable armor cells took on both Pokemon’s defensive resistances and weaknesses while also increasing overall armor durability. When used strategically, this would become an invaluable asset to warriors blessed with the bonding ability.

Society once again changed due to the advancement in technology and human lust for power. Humans with the unique bonding ability became known as Fuzors, and wide spread usage of the serum increased their numbers. Many would use their power by enlisting in the military or the local guard to make use of their abilities. Others were not so content, and used their gift to usurp power eventually creating another Feudal age with towns and cities becoming under the rule of various warlords. The once central government became a hollow shell of itself and turned into a meeting of various independent states instead of one unifying body.

A way to distinguish Fuzors at an early age was developed, which took the simplified approach of created a small charm made of the same variable cells used in armor. These would be given to people, usual children, to wear as a pendant. If the holder ever bonded with a Pokemon, it would be possible for the Pokemon to fuse into the armor, glowing whatever color matched the Pokemon’s primary Type. With Fuzors being the successor to Pokemon Trainers, the art of raising and training Pokemon for competitive battles became less common. Most Fuzors trained the Pokemon they bonded with for battles if they were in a military, but did not take to creating whole teams as was once a mainstream ideal.

Unfortunately, the rise of the Fuzors did not create the desired results in wild Pokemon, with untamed creatures being as violent as ever. The advancements in both science and technology also did not halt the creation of teams. While never successful, teams would still rise to some extent before collapsing after fighting against a Warlord’s trained vanguard. Instead, a functional successor arose in the form of what became known to the public as Fuzor guilds. These guilds usually focused on either one or a few Types of Fuzors and were known to raid towns, travelers, work as sell-swords, and attempt to lay siege to Warlord stronghold on occasion.

Four such guilds are the focus of our story. There’s the Element Guild, who focus on the Types of Fire, Water, Ice, and Electric. The Mystic Guild is users of the Psychic, Ghost, Dark, and Dragon Types. Steel, Ground, Fighting, and Rock Types are the prime focus of the Terra Guild. Then finally there’s the Gaia Guild who make use of the Poison, Bug, Flying, Grass, and, Normal Types. All four Guilds have their eyes set on a recent discovery; the elemental Plates once used to power up Pokemon moves in Trainer battles also have the ability to increase Fuzor abilities as well. The race is now on to collect as many Plates as possible to become more powerful and prevent other Guilds from doing likewise, and others are sure to be after the same goal.

That’s the overall plot to the game, hopefully you read it all, or otherwise things will become increasingly confusing for you. Now for a little tech/science explanation, as it’s a heavy focus for combat and your character’s interaction with Pokemon.

Technology and Science

All humans somewhere in their DNA possess the ability to connect with a certain Type of Pokemon. This is theorized to be the magical bond of friendship Professors and Trainers a like use to speak of. Modern medicine has made it possible to amplify this ability tenfold in rare cases to allow humans to bond to Pokemon and likewise tame them without needing to capture them. The people are known as Fuzors and are the newest incarnation of Trainers, except more battle orientated than Trainers were.

Armor has advanced tremendously because wild Pokemon have become much more savage against humans, and attacks are frequent. New incantations of battle armor have replaced the older styles in the following developmental line. Each generation is brought on by leaps in armor advancement.

Mark I Armor: Traditional armor from the original Feudal age made of iron and leather. This armor was never used in the current era, but is referred to as Mk. I style armor because it is the basis for the battle armors to follow. This type of armor is almost useless against Pokemon.

Mark II Armor: While looking exactly like Mk. I Armor, the MK. II style uses steel composite armor as well as flame retardant cloth in addition to Kevlar and ceramic composts and new age resins. Various styles existed to combat the various Types of Pokemon. On board CPUs can keep track of a wearer’s vital signs to be monitored at a forward base, function as a radio, and also integrate a GPS for positioning and coordination. While more effective than Mk. I would have been, users were still susceptible to many attacks. Most Teams small patrol units use Mk. II armor for its comparatively cheap cost to newer models.

Mark III Armor: A huge step up from the previous armor, the Mk. III’s defensive capabilities come from the usage of Variable Armor Cells, a special metal/composite made up of individual centimeter long honeycomb-like chambers capable of being treated to resist a specific Type using the same technology as DNA splicers to contain the resistance properties. This reduces the cost for armies planning on fighting multiple Types by using the same armor for all Types instead of having multiple to combat a variety. Even without treatment, the MK. III offers enough protection to the wearer that they have a chance to survive even a Hyper Beam, although it will still cause many broken bones and burns among other injuries from the impact if one does survive the blast. This armor has been adopted into the armies of many Warlords and smaller Guilds among others.

Thanks to the DNA Splicer used for each cell, if a Fuzor is wearing the armor, a Pokemon of their matching Type is capable of fusing with the armor to bestow its primary resistances and weaknesses to the armor as well as greatly increasing overall armor durability. The Hue of the armor also reflects the primary Type of the Pokemon.

Mark IV Armor: The latest advancement in armor technology. While still using VAC for defense, the technology has become much stronger and smaller, allowing for a size reduction in cells from 1 centimeter into 0.1 centimeters. The armor is directed primarily for Fuzor use, and armor now takes a resemblance in both color and appearance to the fused Pokemon as well as apply the resistances and weaknesses of any secondary Type a Pokemon may have in addition to the Primary. Dependent on the Pokemon, offensive weapons that make use of both their primary and secondary Types will manifest for the Fuzor to wield. Much stronger and durable compared to Mk III, the armor grants the wielder almost super-human endurance and strength when fused with a Pokemon. MK. IV armor is seen in the use of larger Guilds, Warlords, and other forces with Fuzors in their ranks that can afford the armor.

The Roolz and other Tid-bits
  • As with any RPG; no godmodding, bunnying other player’s characters (without permission), too in-depth romantic or gory content, Keep OOC posts in the OOC topic, and no breaking other board rules.
  • No legendries unless I allow you to have one. Bonding with a legendary will take a lot of time, effort, and strength.
  • This RPG is rated M, meaning you’re allowed to kill Pokemon, NPC’s and each other as you see fit, but try to be sensible about it. If you’re character massacres a village, don’t be surprised if a lynch mob comes after you. Also, if your character gets put into a situation where there is no possible way of avoiding death, plot armor will not save you.
  • While calling hits on NPC’s is acceptable within reason, doing so to player characters is not. However, you and your opponent may collaborate through PM’s to make one large post. If your opponent is taking an exceptionally long time to reply, the GM will decide the damage.
  • To elaborate on how the armor should look when fused with your Pokemon, think of a mix between the suits worn in Power Ranger or Kamen rider mixed in with Iron man’s suit, and the aesthetics of armors in the Monster Hunter games. The suit should take on the appearance of your Pokemon; meaning Hitmonchan fused armor should have boxing gloves as its main weapon.
  • When a new Pokemon is picked as a partner, write a description of what it looks like as well as weapons in the OOC topic. Try to be inventive with it. All submissions need to be approved before in game use, but I’m very lenient if you can really wow me. This is especially so if you want to fuse with multiple headed Pokemon or many others who may not mesh well with a humanoid figure. If another character wants to use the same species to fuse with, they must follow the armor design already in use. There will be a record of all armor fusions.
  • As stated, you’ll be akin to a Power Ranger/Kamen Rider when fused with your Pokemon in-game. All PC’s will use MK. IV armor, which will beat most anyone with the same combat skills using lesser armor, even more so when fused. The stronger the Pokemon, the stronger the armor when fused. Pokemon get stronger when fighting alone and when being fused with their Fuzor.
  • You can change Pokemon partners at any time with the Pokemon of the surrounding that are of your Type. Just remember that doing so breaks the bond with your current partner, and they will resent you for that. You can try to bond with them again later, but they may hold a grudge against you. Newly bonded Pokemon should take the place of the replaced one on your initial sign-up.
  • There are no levels, natures, or abilities for Pokemon. They won’t really be playing apart in the RPG. Your Pokemon’s personality will be enough, as they won’t be in Pokeballs. Moves will exist though, and moves are never forgotten. The GM will determine what moves are started out with and when a new move is learned. For battling purposes, generally wild Pokemon are weaker than Pokemon owned by a Trainer, and Trainer Pokemon are weaker than those partnered with a Fuzor unless there is a huge experience gap.
  • If using a Flying Type Fuzor, the player will treat Flying as the primary Type instead of the secondary, seeing as it is almost an exclusively secondary Type.
  • If you feel something else about the in-game world needs to be explained more, just say so and I’ll add it in here.

There will always be spots open in this RPG, but teams will be kept somewhat even in numbers. The goal is to have four teams with at least 3-6 players each, but can become two teams if there are a low number of players. Likewise, if a high number of players join for each side, Guilds will be further divided into revolving groups to create a more dynamic flow.

Element Guild (Fire, Water, Ice, Electric):

Mystic Guild (Psychic, Dark, Dragon, Ghost):

Terra Guild (Rock, Steel, Fighting, Ground):

Gaia Guild (Poison, Bug, Flying, Normal, Grass):

SU form:



Type: (determines your Guild)

Appearance: (at least one paragraph)

Personality: (at least two paragraphs)

History: (at least three paragraphs)

Pokemon: (any stage 1 non-legendary)

Pokemon Personality: (3-4 sentences)

Fusion Armor Appearance + Weaponry: (Only for previously unused Pokemon)
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