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    Originally Posted by romhunter View Post
    Well, do you need spirites for chicken, dog, cat, horse and such? I can make or rip some from the game if you need. And some suggestion: please remove the stamina bar. It's rather annoying. And the item system, you could make it look like HM:FoMT. It's better than a guy holding an ax on his head. And if you need a mapper, I'm always here.
    Yes, sprites would help a lot actually if you can get them in the SNES style. I also need the cow (but I believe only the side sprites exist in-game. at least, that's all I could find) and a sheep. The sheep will have to come from another game and be re-sprited into the SNES style (One of the old GB games had a sheep that could be used. The FoMT sheep could also be devamped instead).

    As for the stamina bar, that can be disabled in the settings. Just open the script editor, go down to the section called Settings, and find a constant with STAMINA_BAR in the name and make it false. It's currently coded to show the stamina bar by default, and tiredness animations if the stamina bar is disabled. However, there are no animations for that yet, so you won't have any indication of your remaining stamina.

    The item system has already been partially re-written to be more like FoMT, so you won't hold tools over your head in the next release. It was initially designed to be like HM:MM, however it would require a lot of spriting to show the various tools in the player's hands in a visually appropriate way. Therefore, it will be downgraded to the FoMT style.

    @Varion: those screenshots are only a tiny indication of what's in this project. The mountain where you can pick up items to ship in the shipping bin (and the shipping dude who comes and picks them up), the mine where you can dig for coins and stairs as well as break rocks for ores and gems, and the farming system which allows you to grow crops just like in the actual games weren't included in the screenshots just yet, so there's a lot more to love in the project itself.
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