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Originally Posted by Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu View Post
Mate, first tables <tr.> are getting old now but are still widely used. Believe me I am a expert on HTML.

Might I recommend you try going to a web based web design school. And most of them are free, just Google it. I don't use them so yeah....

As for helping you with designing, look for fresh inspiration by thinking about what people HAVE NOT done already, that's how I go about designing my websites, and I have a few good CSS ideas too.
But this is the one thing I can't help you with if you ever need help with HTML, PM me.
Thanks I'll try your suggestion, I dont use tables myself anymore. I switched to using only css, I am good at HTML5 XHTML, XML, CSS, PHP etc.. lol basically I can develop my butt off but my design skills well they are like im a 60 year old man lol. I dont want to hire a designer for my freelance work so I need to get at least moderately good enough...

can you tell me more about what you mean by "web based web design school", and how would it be free. is it a site like w3schools?

If so I dont need programming help, just design help..

here is an example of one of my crappy designs

I like the simple design, i just think the design is dated. Also I think a homepage should be more than what I have there, I should beable to tell the visitors more about the site, give them more options, eyecandy, and other links all while keeping the design clean and I just cant seem to do that.
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