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    Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
    I can totally see what you mean when you said that you had to do it in the Sasuke tag. But nothing's forcing you to have a dark/gloomy background that blends in so well with the render, really. You can have a different background too. That or just throw some different colored C4Ds in there (colors that don't **** up the overall color scheme. For example, a green would obviously be a bad idea while a little bit of red won't hurt) behind sasuke and over the background. He'll automatically stand out. Suitable use of c4ds can work wonders for a tag.

    As for the tag with the most depth...hmm, none of them look like they have much depth, to be honest. But I guess the rosa tag is a little better than the rest when it comes down to it. Although the positioning of the render is kinda awkward (you should follow rule of the thirds if possible), I can still appreciate the fact that the effects behind her are relatively blurry. Adds to the depth, I guess. Though the foreground effect being so blurry kills it for me, nevertheless. ;(

    Might be a good idea to start incorporating some flow in your tags too. They add depth as well.
    Yeah I knew I was kicking myself in the face when I added that Susanoo (the guardian deity thing) behind him but it was just too...awesome not to add. Yeah I'll take that into account next time.

    I see, well I'll see what I can do about that.

    Flow? I have a pretty good idea what that is but would you happen to have a tutorial/guide link anywhere so I can have a look. Cheers.