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Very good links, I especially loved the smashing magazine article. But I always love their articles. Nice advice too. While I know the philosophy "If it ain't broke don't fix it" I dont want to just follow and copy the intuitive designs that work well for others. I feel my work should be unique, it should feel like me. It should stand out on its own and when someone sees it they say I know who made that. Kinda like when others look at the way you code they can sometimes tell who wrote it.

I understand its not gonna happen over night, I am willing to put in the time and effort but I dont really know where to start I guess. The links you've provided are a good start and they have been informative. So thanks.

About the Id's and the naming conventions I use, I don't like the idea of a name being allowed to be used twice, I feel it's sloppy. I understand the risks with using Id's instead of classes but I still plan to use Id's. If I make a mistake in my code, its because I got lazy or sloppy.
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