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Something is apparently going to happen at 9 P.M. EST. For now, the police are pretty much just circling the house and keeping still.

EDIT 360: 8:29PM An ambulance is blocking something, EMS is coming to move it. New scanner is still trying to load so I'll keep it going. Asked again to keep chatter to a minimum. The scene sounds tense, but under control.
EDIT 359: 8:26PM Officers asking for cold water. I'm looking at a new scanner right now so we'll see if that is more active.
EDIT 358: 8:25PM Police told to stay at their post until 2100. Not sure what will happen at 9:00PM but they will fall back to "H4"
EDIT 357: 8:23PM Chatter about a larger perimeter perhaps beyond the smaller one. Talking about offramps and highway codes.
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