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Well overall i like your style but i would like to agree with Derozio on some of the points she made.

In a lot of your signatures you seem to be sticking to one color, i've found personally that my signatures stick out more when i use complementary colors or primary and secondary colors. [For example with the Itachi sig maybe include some more yellow and violet colors or red yellow orange].

Now with one step you can increase the depth, focal point, and lighting in a signature. By making a layer on top of the others and using a black soft brush in areas you want darker and on another layer do the opposite using a white brush to brighten the area near the focal point. Obviously you would set those layers to a soft light setting or whatever looks good on that tag and toggle the opacity.

This is my weakest area in my opinion so I actually like the style you use with your text but i think there is one small step that would help tremendously. Simply decreasing the size of the text can help you not distract from the focal point of the signature. Also if you are going to put a stroke on the text make it a little thinner.

Making the signature shorter could help as well. Decreasing the size of a sig at least height wise can help in the fact that you don't have to fill up so much space. I usualy have my signatures somewhere between 400x200 to 400x 150 which over the years I have been making bigger tags than most so any bigger than those two and I respect the amount of work you're doing.

Those are just some pointers I know I still have a lot of room for improvement but i thought i'd share some ideas. Good work keep chugging along