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    Originally Posted by Archenoth View Post
    I liked the Masanori episode, it was the most difficult because your Skorupi could do no damage to your greatest foe, Mitsunari's Scizor. It meant you really needed to use strategy to win.
    You kiddin' me? That Scizor was long dead after a volcano eruption lol. Anyway, the hardest I've played (so far) is probably Motochika's episode, where we have to stand up against Nobunage like a BOSS and beat up his BOSS Hydreigon everytime. The problem is we can't counter Hydregion without a BOSS Ice type, Fighting type or Bug type Pokémon, which are not easy to find in the lower left side of Ransei.

    But I loved The Road To Conquest, because we get to BE the BOSS and KO everybody after a hard fight. It's especially dangerous because we are right next to Mitsu and Ieyasu who can both KO us.
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