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So I decided to make a little thread featuring some of my poetry. I don't really write poems very often, so I only have three, two of which I wrote within the last hour. >.>;

Primarily I write stories, so I only write poems when I feel like it. That seems to be when I'm depressed. Clichéd, but oh well. Since I only write poems so often, I don't really go for a specific style or pay much attention to how they're written, so they're not of the highest quality.


Who Are We?
Who are we but dreamers?
We go through our lives, dismal and gloomy,
Our entertainment flowing from stories,
Books, movies, games, music,
Fabricated fantasies; visions of the mind,
Allowing us a fleeting and brief reprieve,
From that hell known as reality.

This is the one I wrote a while ago. I submitted it to deviantART nearly a year ago, so . . . yeah, lol.

Time is Patient
A vibrant dream, a cherished memory,
A thing of perfection with will undominatable.
It seems it should last forever,

But time is patient, time is everlasting.
Everything falls to time in the end.

You turn down the wrong path,
You lose your way in the search,
And you forget how to find your way back.

Your grip begins to slip,
A few mistakes are made,
But you think that you can get past it.

But time is patient, time is never ending.
Everything is lost to time eventually.

Something begins to break,
You feel the distance growing,
With each passing day you fall further.

You try to find a hold,
Try to climb back towards the light,
But the light is gone and you are forgotten.

Time is patient, time is unforgiving,
Time kills everything in the end.

A faded dream, a distant memory,
Perfection lost in the trials of time.
Some things just can’t last forever.

They say Time heals all wounds,
But what of the wounds that Time creates?
A friendship lost, swallowed by the machinations of Time.
A battle ongoing, the reasons for war long forgotten,
But the war continues, because it’s all that Time gave,
All that Time created, burning it into a legacy of despair.

They say that Time heals all wounds.
Is it because Time makes you forget?
That Time numbs you to the hurt that you have,
A pain from a wonder that got lost somewhere along the way?
Time can heal a wound, but what of those that Time creates?
Time is a hero. Time is a villain. Time is a curse.

They say that time can heal all wounds,
But Time is a double-edged sword.

These I wrote today, because lately life has seemed rather depressing.

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