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Hack Name: Pokémon Chime Version
ROM Base: Pokémon Fire Red (U)

*some parts of the story are subject to change; names of people and places, etc.*

Pokémon Chime takes place in the newly discovered Region of Harmo, Harmo has just become popular enough to feature it's own Pokémon League,
which marks the first Pokémon League Challenge for the Region, trainers everywhere begin to train and fight there way to victory, as the Gyms open and people begin to win badges.

The region is protected by a godly Pokémon known as Chimell, a large bell shaped Pokémon. This Pokémon's bell sound has mystical powers, to change one set thing in reality with each toll, If a human is to find Chimell and manage to ring it's bell, they recieve one wish, to change reality for good, or bad, depending on the aura of their heart.

Our journey takes place in the shoes of young, Marc/Marceline who lives in Silent Hill, home to Prof. Mazen, a teacher of all Pokémon Arts, you send him an e-mail stating your wish to become Champion, and in a kindly manner, he decides to give you a Pokémon. But, upon the hero's entrance to the lab, your friendly childhood rival Clara is there, and awaiting his Pokémon too, it seems you both have the same goals, and some dreams, how will this affect your journey, and how will you handle it?


Disclaimer: I know no ASM, so any new ''WOW'' features will most likely never happen.

- Explore the new Region of Harmo
- Catch over 50 New Pokémon
- Listen to a few OC tunes.
- Defeat Harmo's new Gym Challenge
- Stop the Evil Team Daceo's Plans.


Samson - Public Fakemon
Evil-Arms - Shadox improved sprite
Nintendo/Gamefreak - Fire Red
KonjikiNoYami - Scripting Help
Dr. Fuji - Scripting Help
diegoisawesome - XSE tutorial
Spherical Ice - Scripting Help
SSJSONIC21 - Awesome Composer
Xdenix - Tiles

Tools Used:
Advance Map 1.95 - Lu-Ho
YAPE - silver314
Advance Series - Wichu
XSE - HackMew
PKSV - score_under

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