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    Originally Posted by daveo100 View Post
    By any chance is Freshet a water type and if so is it a starter. Something that didn't catch my eye was that all the Pokemon are not capital letters so well done.
    Freshet is the ''average'' Water type. Like a Tentacool, only worse, because it learns next to no moves, all moves would be taught via TM/HM.

    Originally Posted by First time hacker View Post
    I like this alot. It's hard to come across a hack with fakemon that isn't just an edit with crappy fakes. But I like any hack with fakemon because I agree that it adds originality and the new game feel.
    Thanks :3 I'm glad you like the idea for a 'new game' feel

    Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
    I like this game very much. I personally don't like fakemons but these fakemons are not crappy ones like in most of the fakemon hacks. These ones have a better quality. Keep it up on completing this.
    I do hope to complete it.

    Originally Posted by Hacker Bisharp View Post
    I like the hacks that use the original tiles of fire red, good luck on this ;)
    Thanks :3

    Originally Posted by Xevatiz View Post
    That's look great to me, keep up with great work.
    Thanks again, for all the nice comments, for now I've been working on the pokemon script:

    I'm trying out JPAN's engine, to make scripting ''easier'' it's going well so far.

    Just strollin' to my next destination...