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    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    I'm not saying the possibility isn't there, but I really have a strong doubt that GameFreak will go the Fire/Fighting type route again, especially with Fennekin.

    The more I learn about the starters though and their possibilities of secondary types, the more I like them. The idea of Chespin being Grass/Rock? Thats awesome! They've already given off a better impression that the starters from the last generation in my opinion. The same goes for the rest of Pokémon revealed recently too.
    I'm on the other spectrum...I'm expecting Gamefreak to do Fire/Fighting again since its the better type combination used so far and don't see any reason to change that up now. People can complain all they want, but Fire/Fighting isn't a broken type combination in a good or bad way. Its pretty balanced.

    We also didn't think Tepig could be Fire/Fighting but it was. So as far as expectations

    Chespin Evo Grass/Rock
    Fennekin Evo Fire/Fighting
    Froakie Evo Water/Electric OR Water/Flying