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    Originally Posted by Rewy View Post

    Anyhow. I visited the Abandoned house and Mistralton Cave for items and grinding.
    Only missing one party member anymore which I sadly noticed I can only get after Hall of Fame. So...I guess I'll probably be backtracking a few times after sending over an egg and starting to train up. Also am I allowed to pass along during that a Dawn Stone? Since I can't apparently get it until Dreamyard (can't get to black City even though I'd have the tower key).
    After I had that posted I realised that I can get an Aron in Mistralton Cave (I had gone through it with repel on, because all the encounters in a dark cave without flash). Welp... So I went back there to catch one instead of trading over and egg. I'm still curious about that Dawn Stone. I traded one over and used it sort of because there's really no other way on getting one unless you Coil a lot on the GTS to level up that Avenue and having great luck...

    I got caught up with the plasma-freezer and am trying to decide who to pit against the Shadow Triad. All these Ice pokemon everywhere were killing my poor team.
    Thankfully so many Moomoo milks were used... There should be a medal for that.

    Verde / Serperior
    lvl 49 | Sassy
    Coil | Leaf Blade | Giga Drain | Return

    Absolem / Scolipede
    lvl 47 | Adamant
    Rock Slide | Bulldoze | Megahorn | Protect

    Shuyin / Breloom
    lvl 46 | Quirky
    Seed Bomb | Force Palm | Thunder Punch | Return

    Lumiere / Chandelure
    lvl 48 | Modest
    Shadow Ball | Flame Burst | Energy Ball | Confuse Ray

    Jiyan / Gallade
    lvl 49 | Naughty
    Leaf Blade | Dual Chop | Psycho Cut | X-scissor

    Sandrock / Lairon (NFE fave) *holding everstone*
    lvl 43 | Jolly
    Iron Head | Rock Slide| Dig | Protect