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Originally Posted by Rexhunter99 View Post
A pity you want ruby scripters and RPG Maker peoples... I'm a rather skilled C/C++ programmer who'd be intereted in such a project if it were in my language of choice, especially because I love to work on games for Linux and Windows and have managed several succesful ports.
I apologize, Rexhunter99. We mean no disrespect. The purpose behind of why I chose RPG Maker XP to host Pokémon Ambient? Well, I bought the program for a class to make a video game, then I found that it had a Pokémon Essentials starter kit! I have grown attached to this program and unfortunately it only provides a "Ruby-like" script pattern. We could use your support or talents in other departments? I have self-educated myself on HTML/CSS and apply it to the Google Site. If C++ could help in any department in some way, please let me know! I would be glad to add you to the team in some way!