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Hey there poké fans, with Pokemon X and Y just around the corner, I have come up with a plan that would likely get heads to turn, since I'm still in the development stages I don't want to share to many of my ideas. Currently I have myself and one other team mate. Our goal for this project is to have 4-6 people in total. Each person needs to have played through at least one pokemon game and have prime pokemon gathered up that you would want in either X or Y. Obviously owning a 3DS and having a copy of the game is mandatory. If you're interested message me.

In order to qualify as a possible team mate you need
At least one pokemon game (the more games the better)
A 3ds
To get pokemon x or y swiftly after release
A smart player
Things that well be needed after the recruitment stage are
A device allowing you to record the game (iPhones aren't going to cut it guys)
Ability to understand the Internet
Devotion and ability to meet timeline

I really look forward to any responses, after making recruitment you well h e more information shared with yo