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Welcome to team Seraph, we're a group of new hackers trying to create a series of new hacks which revolve mainly around storyline. It would be great to gain a group of people who are willing to work together to finish the projects which we decide to work on. Our philosophy is to make the most interesting game with a lot of symbolism and plenty of easter eggs. We're currently working on "Pokemon: Cardinal" which we plan definitely finishing and that's where you guys (and girls if there are any) come in. If you're either new with some knowledge of any role or if you're quite experienced in the role you're applying for then feel free to apply.

Application Form

Proof of Work:
Past Experience:
Contact Information (Preferably Skype):
Time Zone:

Team Members
VanillaGFX: Scripter
StormVentus: Mapper
Herpahermaderp: Scripter, Mapper

Galooloo: Spriter, Music Editor
Uzumaki Naruto Jr.: Tiler
Starkiidelli: Spriter
Dudebot: Story-liner, Spriter
PjBottomz: Mapper
Zerkrom The Hedgehog: Mapping, Story-liner

Positions needed: Pixel Artist, Tiler, Mapper, Advanced Scripter, Storyliner, I don't know what Asm but we might need that.

Current Project

"Pokemon: Cardinal Version"

In this hack you'll be playing as the forgotten son of Dr. Fuji who became obsessed with cloning after your sister Amber died. With the tyrannical government in which you live under makes having a Pokemon almost impossible to do with Team Rocket as one of the highly respected authorities in society. The world in which you live under is ran completely by this corrupt government which has an influence of every aspect of society and makes it hard to even afford a house to live under. Due to the incredible financial problems happening within your family with your mother and now your sister dead your father, Dr. Fuji has now joined Team Rocket as a scientist in order to clone Mew for Giovanni. One day you head off on an expedition with your father to find this Mew or at least some DNA from it. This is where your adventure starts off on your adventure to rebel against the world and free the world from these shackles your government has placed on them. Also there's alternate story lines for both the female and the male. (;


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