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    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    Hacks looking good and all, but here are some pointers:

    Take a look at this screenshot, I've added circles to various errors or simple thing that can be fixed.
    In fact, these are all easy fixes.

    1, the Red one: You need to change the pallete for them tiles, to mach the grass itself.
    2, the Blue one: Simple Tile Error, you have to use the edge of the house, rather than a middle piece
    3; The Yellow one: Again, use the correct tile.

    If you're unsure about how tiles go together look at official maps and how GameFreak have put them together.

    I can't wait to see you work on this more.
    sry i cant see ur screen shot
    Hello guyz is there any one who knows how to change the tiles????? M thinking of changing the tiles and starting from vry beginning if any one knows how to change tiles and make a title screen plz contact me......and yeah the route will look same as the screenshot only tiles and ow's will be different anyways thx in advance
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