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    Originally Posted by Powerserge View Post
    If they name the new type "Fairy-type", I will convince myself that I am too old to be playing this game, haha! Not knocking other people, but I personally hate that cutesy stuff, and having a Fairy type would give Gamefreak yet another reason to oversaturate the Pokeverse with Pokemon like that. But I really like playing......gaaaaaaah, what's a guy to do. I love change, but dang, that's just terrifying me.

    ANYWAY, what makes people think that there are two new types being introduced, other than the Gen 2 comparisons?
    Originally, fairies are not cute. They range in looks and the most common non-disnified fairy story is about creatures that steal misbehaving children to eat. There is more to Fairy than Tinkerbell.

    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    I heard one of the leakers said that Xerneas would be a Fairy that case I think Fairy type would be moreso a "magic" or "mystic" type and not strictly pink cutesy creatures.
    That leaker (there was more than one if memory serves) admitted to making the info up on 4chan. The one posted in the first page is the only rumor still around that hasn't been debunked or its creator admitting it was fake.
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