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I'm back (again again again etc.) :D

More st0ffs~

Eskisnow (Eskimo & snow)
Ice Pokemon
"Their fur is often used to make clothing to survive harsh blizzards."

Monstice (monster & ice)
Ice Pokemon
"These Pokemon lead unsuspecting hikers in the mountains towards dangerous paths."

Yetice (yeti & ice)
The Yeti Pokemon
Type: Ice/Fighting
"These Pokemon pack immense strength, powerful enough to cause an avalanche."


Pixel art based on Babeel.

Eskisnow's Backsprite~

Terragon (terra & dragon)
The Horned Dragon Pokemon
"Terragon is the fastest Pokemon at burrowing in existence. It's said it helped shape the land."
Ability: Pressure/Sand Force (hidden ability)

Carcagon (carcass & dragon)
The Resurrection Pokemon
"These Pokemon lurk around graveyards, feasting on the souls of the deceased to become stronger."
Ability: Pressure/Levitate (hidden ability)

Titaneon (titanium & dragon)
The Metallic Dragon Pokemon
"Titaneon are covered in thick metal armour that is nearly impenetrable. Only the strongest attacks can damage it."
Ability: Pressure/Sheer Force (hidden ability)

Tortosus (tortoise & colossus)
The Tortoise Pokemon
"The huge shell on Tortosus' back is used for surprise attacks and camouflage from predators."

Sleye (slug & eye)
The Slug Pokemon
Type: Bug
"The trail it leaves behind helps slow down any attackers by being extremely adhesive."
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