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Pokemon Draconite Updates

Walk-through Part 1

Screen of The Week!
Rocket Gym Leader Koga:


Update Story of the day! (This is the progress into the game so far)
The sun was shining, it was a new day for Steven Stone. Just when he was about to wake him self up, someone did it for him, his mom. Steven's mom was a cheerful young lady. His mom told him to help Detective Reagan with a experiment, in which he agreed, because Detective was a friend of his father, Mark, Champion of Hoenn. Oh, how Steven looked up to his dad, but he was in the Draconia region.

Reagan gave Steven a Pokemon, a choice of Beldum, Darumaka, and Roggenrola. Steven supposedly chose Beldum, and continued on with Reagan to Route 706 to help with the experiment. A of Steven's Pokemon can be caught along the way.

Devamped it to FRLG, just looks much better. I did a lots of things today. I actually just started really making the game:

I finished starter town events, and almost Route 706 and Cave of Legends aswell
I changed storyline completely
Mapped a lot of events
Changed intro
Made Pokemon battles on Route 706

What I will do this weekend
Finish events in Route 706 and Cave of Legends
Map and event Route 705 and 707
Map and Event Tiakong Town
Make first rival battle..

What I will do next week:
Basically finish up a demo that will last at least 30 minutes!
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