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    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    if i patched beta 4 to a clean Pokemon silver rom , can I continue my saved game or should i start all over again ?
    You should start all over from the beginning. But you definitely won't regret doing so

    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    Active and NormaL Pokemon battle modes? COOL !! haha Just like Final Fantasy :D
    "Normal" is just the ordinary "SHIFT" battle mode that is automatically set. "Active" is a replacement of "SET" battle mode as a small asm hack that changes SET mode act like my mini-hack, "Active Battle System". You can find a video of it in youtube to check out what it is like if you want. Won't really be that "special" but there is a difference.

    Originally Posted by emilin_rose View Post
    the game freezes when i talk to professor joke.

    Sorry, I really can't help. You see, there is nothing wrong with the script data that is executed when you talk to Prof. Joke. It sounds like the rom file you're using is somehow corrupted and can't execute a certain movement data that should be executed during the script.

    There is not much to do in his lab though so if you can, just load from your save file and don't enter there at all. I'd like to know though, are you playing on an emulator in your PC or in Vizzed for instance? How about some other system, mobile, or something else?
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