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LOVELY. The first game I ever beat on my own was Kirby 64, so of course, Kirby has a great place in my heart. They're some of my favorite games in general, because they're so easy to pick up and play. The graphical styles of them are all quite colorful and cute and make me happy (except Dark Matter is scary ummmm yeah). So visually, it's great too. I also regard Kirby's Epic Yarn as the most creative and visually appealing game I've played, so that falls right into the category.

I'm still working on completing Return to Dreamland and Dream Collection, but I enjoy them all tons.

The first time I played Kirby was Kirby 64. I rented it from the store and my exact words to my friend were, "Dude, you GOTTA see this game. I know it sounds weird, but you play as a pink circle that can EAT people and get their powers and FLY. IT'S CRAZY BUT AWESOME." And we never looked back. lol

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