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Hello, the main ones I am struggling with are Dialga and Honchkrow. I'll get the easy ones out of the way first.

For Toxicroak, I have all of his moves set except for one slot (which currently has faint attack). I want to replace that with either EQ or stone edge; which is more worth it in terms of coverage? (For reference, his other slots are: x-scissor, poison jab, and brick break) I want to utilize his attack as much as possible since he has horrible defense. (As a side note, none of these pokemon are being designed for team battling, just in general)

As for Gengar, I also have every slot set except for one (which currently holds nightshade). I was thinking of putting either sludge bomb or psychic (for reference, his other attacks are: shadow ball, thunderbolt, and dark pulse). He obviously has a very high SpA, so sludge bomb seems logical; but psychic provides coverage. Which should I choose?

For Luxray, I yet again have all his slots locked in (spark, iron tail, and crunch) except for one, which has discharge. I know he can learn great moves thru breeding, but I'd rather not do that; I also do not prefer charge; what I want is something that will utilize his high attack as well; any suggestions?

Now that those are out of the way, I'll start with Honchkrow. I have fly and dark pulse which I plan on keeping, but the other two I am not sure. The other two are night slash (I chose dark pulse over this due to a higher SpA) and wing attack; I'd like a better flying attack if possible (was thinking of aerial ace) and another possibility could be steel wing; suggestions?

Last but not least, we have the wonderful Dialga. These are the following moves I am considering for him:
Earth power (depending on whether i use EQ)
Aura sphere (this is a definite)
Flash cannon
Dragon pulse (better than dragon claw due to more damage and Dialga has a very high SpA)
Roar of time (for the record, I am straying away from Draco meteor as wonderful as it is, not a fan of the aftermath of it)
Thunder (again, this is not being engineered for a team since it seems like it would be for a rain team)

If you have any suggestions for combinations or maybe other moves that weren't listed, don't be afraid to speak up; thank you for whomever helps me out with these multiple dilemmas.

~ Slim