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I will see about getting a SU done sometime today. For now, reserve me a spot as a member. Posted from App for Android

Edit: Here's my SU.

Name: Michael Abbott
Nickname: The Demonic Fighter
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Tyrogue
House: Iron Guard

Appearance: Mike looks like a typical Tyrogue except for his outfit. He wears black shorts and black tanktop. His gloves are red with a demonic-style face on them.

Personality: Mike is honest, loyal, and always thinking about how to do the right thing in any situation. He always uses his head to solve problems and strategize during battle. He is a little naive about how things are in society due to the fact that he was sheltered most of his life. He is always ready to help his friends in any situation. He gets his job done first, then he has more time to do what he wants.

History: Mike was raised by his father, Blake "the Basher" Abbott, who was a multiple-time world champion fighter before he retired. His mother, unfortunately, had died before he was born, so he didn't get to know her. Since he was younger, he had trained profusely to follow in his father's footsteps. After his father passed, due to unsavory means, he went rogue for a few years. He even went so far as to venture down into only the first floor of any dungeon just to fight and train himself further. After the major events that took place, of which he payed little attention, he had heard of the Four Corners Guild being put together to help combat the overabundance of ill-tempered pokemon in the dungeons. Lacing up his gloves, Mike Abbott headed off from his little island home as fast as he could. His destination: the Four Corners!

Level: 40

Moveset: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Agility, Revenge, Comet Punch

Code: Maestroke

Let me know if you need anything embellished on or tweaked.
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