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    This is just for fun.
    I don't promise anything as much as 'quality writing' goes.
    I started writing because I have always pictured Pokemon movie-like scenes in my head, but never took the time to do anything with it.
    Most of the Pokemon encounters, be it wild, trainer's, or special event will be randomly generated.

    Hope you enjoy my attempt at storytelling :)

    Episode 1: The Beauty and The Beasts

    Today Linus decided to pick his first Pokemon. The Pokemon will be given to him by one of Professor Birch’s assistants in Negba Town’s research facility.
    Linus is excited. He was always lonely since the death of his father, and didn’t really feel comfortable with other people. Pokemon, however, he always adored. Finally, he felt confident enough to start a life with a Pokemon.

    He woke up at eight in the morning to the loud Punk-rock song that was set as the alarm clock in his PokeNav, dressed up, and made his way to the research facility.

    When he went out the door, he couldn’t help but notice that a new family had moved in town.
    The house was up for sale for years. No one seemed to be interested in Linus’ boring Little Town. Not until now, that is.
    Linus could spot what seemed to be two kids - One boy, which judging by his appearence, is probably around ten years old, and a girl who is obviously the older sister. She’s probably between fifteen to eighteen years of age.
    The boy, a blonde, blue-eyed elf, was bussy bothering his parents in what seemed to be a fiery conversation of some sort.
    He then proceeded to observe the girl. She stood not far away, leaning on her parents’ car.

    Writer's note:
    ~This is the part where most of you will throw up.~

    As much as Linus tries to live his life without being superficial, he couldn’t disregard how beautiful she is.
    She looked nothing like her brother.
    She was thin, a bit shorter than average, but didn’t look petite, or like a fragile sickly person. Her stance was confident, though not condescending. She gazed with a misty look, daydreaming unto the horizon.
    Her dark-brown hair, almost black, was gathered in a high, ‘rolled in’ ponytail, revealing her perfectly shaped neck.
    She was wearing a loose dark-blue t-shirt, exposing some of her left shoulder, but covering the right one entirely.
    The outfit was completed with a pair of light blue skinny jeans and white sneakers.
    He couldn’t tell the exact color of her eyes from his point of view, but it seems they were either black or dark brown.
    He couldn’t find one detail of her that didn’t look perfect to him.

    Linus didn’t spend much time observing the new family, and after a five minutes walk, he was there.

    The research facility was a small building, with a relatively large backyard where some Pokemon were playing.
    On the entrance door there was a sign - “Closed due to field research.”
    He was just standing there, staring blankly, letting out a dissapointed sigh as dozes off into thoughts. For a moment, he thought he could hear the sound of footsteps approaching, and then-
    “Closed, are you kidding me?!”
    Linus turned his head quickly in surprise to find another right besides him.
    The loud rant made Linus lose balance and clumsily fall backwards to the ground.
    “Ow…” He was rubbing his head, one eye closed, the other one staring at the girl pouting back at him. It was the girl who just moved in, the one he saw earlier.

    “Oh s**t, are you ok?” She covered her mouth with one hand, apparently just as surprised of his reaction as he was of her presence. The girl offered Linus her hand, and helped him up on his feet.
    “Yeah, ugh,” He cleaned off the dirt from his jeans with his palms, eyes looking down as he did so. “I was just daydreaming.”
    A few seconds of silence passed before the girl replied.
    “So, uh… i’m Trinity, what’s your name?”
    “It-… It’s Li-… Linus.” He raised his head and stuttered as their eyes met. ‘They ARE brown.’ He thought.
    “I just saw a bunch of people in nerdy white suits heading this way,” She pointed towards the path that leads out of Little Town, and into a small cave. Linus never left Little Town. “Do they happen to be the people who work here?”
    “Yeah, I think so.” He answered.
    “Well, i’m bored, and I bet you don’t have anything better to do either, right?”
    Linus didn’t answer and just stared at her and blinked.
    “Good, then you’re coming with me to bring these jerks back.” Trinity declared No way i’m going to be stuck in this place, especially without a Pokemon. Hell, freaking, no!” She then turned around and started walking towards her mission. At that moment, standing there, Linus could not have admired her more.
    “Are you coming, or do you prefer to let a girl go alone into a cave?”
    And so they walked together, Trinity on the lead, Linus following.


    “I think those are the claw marks of a Paras, are those the claw marks of a Paras? I think they are.” A tall, black man in a white lab coat was crouching down over a rock, examining it closely with rubber gloves as if it was a crime scene. He then turned his eyes to his assistants and smiled, his eyes gleaming with excitement. They smiled back, with a bit less confidence.
    “They rarely do that, especially in such small enviroments. You wouldn’t think they’d feel the need to mark their territory inside such a tiny cave.” One of the assistants added.
    “Well then, I believe we have new residents in the building.” Chief researcher Wyatt stood up and took off the rubber gloves.
    “This is a great find gentlemen, what we’re seeing here might be a migration process.”
    The two assistants noded in agreement and shook hands happily. It’s not everyday that Small Town’s Pokemon research facility’s crew find something worthwhile.
    “So, Wyatt, do you think we might get a better fundin-Woah!” The assistant researcher’s sentence was interrupted, as he fell face-first to the ground. On his back stood a large, angry Linoone, growling at the two other researchers.
    “Quick, Gabriel, send out your-” Wyatt was not able to finish his sentence either, as two Zigzagoon tackled him to the ground from from behind, scattering his belongings to the ground.
    “Gabe!” Wyatt yelled helplessly as he saw his ‘loyal’ assistant sprinting away, out of the cave.


    “Hey, what the hell, you jerk?!” Trinity shouted at the man who ran past her when he shouldered her out of his way.
    “Isn’t he one of the researcher guys?” She asked Linus. “His outfit was freaking dirty.”
    “Something doesn’t seem right, Trinity.” Linus said, worried.
    She sweeped the dirt off her shoulder and noded. They started running.
    As they approached the cave’s entrance, they could hear muffled echoes of screaming and struggling. In an andrenaline rush, they fastened their pace.
    Trinity suddenly stopped in place and signed to Linus to stop too. “Crap, Linus, get down!” She said quietly, and they both kneeled behind a large boulder, peaking through the side.
    They saw two men struggling with a what seemed to be a pack of wild Zigzagoon and Linoone.
    A Linoone was standing on the top of one of the men’s back, gnawing angrily at the back of his neck and his lab coat.
    The other men seemed to be fighting off a big bunch of Zigzagoons. He managed to handle them one at a time, kicking and throwing, but they eventually managed to use their numbers to tackle and hold him down, as the rest of the pack was stealing the two men’s belongings, that were scattered all over the floor.
    Unknowingly to him, Linus’ head was tilting away from the safety of the boulder, as he was both frightened and excited at the same time. The man who was fighting the Zigzagoon saw Linus.
    “Hey, you there, kid, help!” Wyatt screamed, his voice sttutered from having to battle his words through the nonestop Zigzagoon attacks.
    “Linus, what the hell are you doing?!” Trinity screeched-whispered to him and grabbed his shirt, trying to pull him off into hideout.
    Linus was switching his look back and forth between the man and Trinity. He felt totally helpless.
    “Listen… Ugh. In-… In.-The Bag!” The man pointed to a brown, small bag, just a few meters from where Linus and Trinity were hiding.
    “Hell no, Linus, don’t even think abou-.., Linus!” Before Trinity could finish her sentence, Linus was already halfway to the bag, sprinting.
    “Damn it!” She let out a loud rant and started sprinting after Linus and towards the bag.
    When Linus opened the bag, he was astonished to see a large amount of Pokeballs. He looked at Trinity, that just managed to get to him. She looked at the bag, and pouted at Linus for a few seconds. Suddenly, a devious smile was forming on her face. “I’m taking on the Linoone.” She quickly grabbed a Pokeball and ran across the cave structure, screaming to get the Linoone’s attention. Unfortunately, she also turned the other pack members’ attention to her.
    “Oh, crap.” Linus pulled a Pokeball from the bag, and then started sprinting across the cave, in the opposite direction to that in which Trinity was running. He Screamed, waved and cussed at the rodent Pokemon, eventually managing to pull some of them towards him. At the same time, the man in the lab coat managed to fight the remaining pack members. There were three raging Pokemon chasing him, and Linus didn’t even know what Pokemon is inside the Pokeball. Trinity was already out of sight, but he could hear the crys of the Linoone. He prayed in his heart that she’s alright.
    “Oh, to hell with it.” He stopped, turned around, and threw the portable Pokemon storing device into the air.
    A shiny red light lit the cave, as the figure of a large, intimidating female Ariados formed infront of him.
    The Zigzagoon stopped at their feet. They growled and cried at the evolved bug Pokemon. One of the three, the biggest Zigzagoon, stepped foreward and cried even louder, it’s voice more hoarse than those of the others’.
    Ariados screeched back at him, and got into a battle stance. The Zigzagoon was now charging at her.
    Linus had no idea of what to do. He never had a Pokemon battle, neither did he know what moves Ariados can use.
    “Oh, s**t, dodge!” Linus yelled at Ariados, as the charging Zigzagoon was already dangerously close to her.
    It only took a moment for Ariados to figure what to do. Caves were an easy battleground for her, and she could easily take advantage of that fact.
    Calmly, efortlessly, she climbed on a nearby cave wall, as the Zigzagoon continued to charge foreward.
    Having missed its original target, the Zigzagoon was even more furious, and was now targeting Linus.
    Linus fell backwards, frightened, and covered his face with his hands.
    He was waiting to feel the incoming hit, but the pain didn’t come. Instead, he heard the surprised screech of the Zigzagoon.
    Linus uncovered his face, only to get a glimpse of the Zigzagoon, as it was flying in the air, and bashed unto the cave’s walls. It was held by what seemed to be long vines. It was Ariados, she acted on her own and attacked the Zigzagoon with her Constrict attack.
    After whats seemed to be forever, the Zigzagoon surrendered, and the three of them fled out of sight, calling the others to follow them.
    The man who was until now fighting a bunch of wild Zigzagoon, laid back with his arms serving as a back rest.
    Linus called Ariados back into her Pokeball, while in the background he could hear a loud turmult. The town’s people came rushing into the cave, some of them accompanied by their Pokemon.
    Amongst the crowd, Linus could spot the person that ran across him and Trinity when they were about to enter the cave. It appeared that the man on the ground saw him too, and in a few moments, three people had to restrain him, as he was waving his fist, cussing at the other man that he appeared to know. It was all so confusing for Linus.
    “Gabriel, you useless worm, you’re fired!”
    Gabriel lowered his head in shame, his eyes hidden behind the reflection of his glasses, and hands stuck deep in his lab coat’s pockets.
    “I… I just tried to get help, Wyatt…” He whimpered.
    “We could die, you ignorant scum!” Wyatt pointed at the third man, the one who was knocked out by the Linoone, and was now carried by two people, blood running from the back of his neck.
    Gabriel turned around and left the scene, as Wyatt kept yelling at him.
    “Hey, who’s there?” One of the town’s people asked loudly, as he suddenly spotted another figure in the cave.
    “Oh, man. Uh, hi?” Trinity’s voice echoed, as shw was standing there, her dark-brown hair now unbound, slid onto her right shoulder, and reaching her chest.
    With a Pokeball in her hand, she wasn’t showing a single sign of acknowledgment of what just occurred.
    “Trinity, oh Trinity, we were so worried!” Trinity’s mother ran towards her, screaming and weeping, her husband following her with quick steps. She hugged her daughter tight.
    “Ugh… Seriously, mom, stop.” As Trinity managed to lightly shake her mother off, her father was standing infront of her.
    It was after a few moments of silence that he slapped her, his face showing only a vague expression of anger, which to Linus, didn’t seem of the parental type. At this time the crowd of Small Town’s people was almost gone.
    Trinity’s mother released a loud whimper and cover her mouth with her hands. Her eyes filled with tears.
    The slap continued to echo for a few seconds, every second felt like a year.
    Then, Trinity looked straight into her father’s eyes. Her lips moved, but Linus couldn’t hear what she was saying. Shortly after, she spit in her father’s face and ran away.

    ‘It was supposed to be a good day.’


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