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    Name: Kalista Rose
    Nickname: Kali
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Trysche (pronounced "Trish") Rose // Mother // 44 // Stay-at-home mom
    Braedyn (pronounced "BRAY-den") Rose // Father // 46 // Associate Director of Operations at Billy Bonka Candy, Inc.
    Occupation: Student
    Standing at 5'9" Kali is one of the taller girls in her class. Swimming daily has toned her body, but she is not "built." When in her swim suit or in shorts, her legs seem to go on forever.

    Most of the girls on the swim team have short pixie cuts or other shorter styles, but not Kali. She adores her long, pin-straight strawberry blonde (#F8AD59) hair too much. When she's out of the pool, she lets her hair flow freely down her back and over her shoulders. At its longest, it hangs below her shoulder blades. Her bangs are bluntly cut across her forehead.

    Kali's sparkling eyes are an intriguing shade of lavender (#B182D7) with golden flecks in them. She has a cute button-like nose that her close friends seem to enjoy pressing. Her full lips are almost always forming a smile.

    When not in her swimsuit, Kali enjoys wearing cute clothes, even though her friends are constantly telling her they don't suit her toned body, especially her wide shoulders. But Kali doesn't care - she'd rather feel adorable for herself than wear the form-fitting, revealing clothes that are in fashion to impress boys. A typical outfit for Kali is a pale blue sundress, white cardigan, matching leggings, and charming peep-toe shoes.
    Kalista was born in the evening on July 14th, in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Before her final trimester, her mom, Trysche was working on the assembly lines at Billy Bonka Candy Inc., along with Braedyn, Kali's father. The family-oriented company was kind enough to give Trysche some paid time off in addition to her maternity leave, so the young couple didn't take too much of a hit to their finances.

    After Kali was born, Trysche opted to stay home a bit longer, having completely fallen in love with her little girl. During her extended leave, her husband received a huge promotion, and along with it, a bigger paycheck. A much bigger paycheck. Enough that the Roses figured out that Trysche wouldn't have to return to work!

    By the time Kali started kindergarten, her personality was shining through. She loved the cute clothes her mom would dress her in, but she also wasn't afraid of anything. She would play football and soccer with the boys, squish bugs that were bothering her friends, and stand up to bullies - all while keeping her outfit pristine.

    When she was 11, she found her love of water. After finally saving up the money, her parents had an above-ground pool built in their backyard. Trysche still swears to this day that Kali spent more time in the water than anywhere else that summer.

    When Kali entered middle school, she joined the swim team and learned proper strokes and breathing. She quickly became one of the best swimmers on the team.

    Now, she's preparing her for senior year. Lists of colleges and universities cover her desk. A small pile of books lies next to it on the floor - extra reading for the tougher courses. Kali is determined to raise her grades so she can get into any college she chooses.
    Kali is kind and caring, like a mother hen; she protects her friends and family out of love. But the fiercer the adversary, the fiercer Kali fights back. Kali has been thrown in In-School Suspension a few times for defending her friends' honor, whether or not the allegations were true.

    She thrives when people are around her. She's not an attention hog, and will gladly shine the light on others. But when she's alone, she gets quiet and doesn't know what to do with herself.
    Other: Kali is a strong member of her high school's swim team. Her fashion style could be considered part of the Otome style from Japan.
    Theme: "Reach" - S Club 7. This is her message to everyone she cares about. Kali always wants to lift them up and see them succeed!

    Level: Baby II/In-Training
    Evolutions: Puttimon // Cupimon // Impmon // Gatomon // Angewoman // Ophanimon
    Puttimon's wings are baby blue (#8ED6E8).
    Cupimon's wings and eyes are that same baby blue.
    Impmon's bandanna and gloves are royal blue (#446CD7), while its eyes retain the baby blue of its pre-evolutions.
    Gatomon's gloves are baby blue with royal blue stripes, and its tail ring is silver (#D9D9D9).
    Angewomon's hair and clothing accents are baby blue, and her anklet is silver.
    Ophanimon's armor is baby blue, with the metal detailing and spear in silver.
    Moves: Angel Ring // Cupimon creates a ring of light that he uses for multiple purposes, such as protection, attack, etc.
    Cupimon was born as a Puttimon in a tiny village filled with other baby Digimon. They took care of each other and helped each other Digivolve to the next level. Some of the In-Training Digimon stayed to help take care of the younger ones, but most went off to explore the Digital World.

    Puttimon wasn't sure what it wanted to do, and luckily it didn't have to choose - Fate chose for it. Puttimon was still Digivolving when the massive rift formed in the ground. Stuck in its transformation sequence, it fell through, and found itself in the sky above a huge city with tall buildings.

    With its stronger wings, Cupimon was able to slow its descent and even steer itself a bit. It spotted a kind-looking human below it, and angled itself towards her. "Let's see where this takes me!" It thought as it prepared to crash into the girl.
    Cupimon thoroughly believes that everyone - Digimon and human alike - has a soul mate. Cupimon's purpose in life (at least for now) is to be a match maker. Despite its seemingly rash nature, Cupimon actually diligently studies the beings around it in order to make good matches.

    Cupimon can usually be seen zooming around through the air, giggling all the way.

    Cupimon talks in the third person. Cupimon is not sure why.
    D-Arc Colors: The main body of the D-Arc is a light baby blue. Its accent color is a cheery royal blue.
    Symbol: The Braid of Loyalty

    RP Sample:
    New York City - finally! The bus ride had been too long, and the seats too uncomfortable.

    Kali was on a special French Club trip to New York to see Les Misérables on Broadway. She and her fellow club members had worked hard during the previous school year to raise enough money for the trip. They had fallen short, but her generous father offered to pay the difference; he knew how much this trip meant to his daughter.

    Once their luggage was once again in their possession, the kids followed their teacher into the hotel. "Twelve students for one adult to handle in the Big Apple seems like a bit much," Kali thought to herself as she saw two boys ahead of her horsing around.

    "Three days and three nights without parents! This is gonna rock!" One of Kali's friends, Crystal, declared as she accidentally clobbered Kali in the back with her duffle bag. Kali chuckled as she stumbled briefly. "Oops, sorry!" Crystal called out as she realized what she did. Kali waved her hand as if to say, "Don't worry about it."

    Truth be told, Kali was a bit nervous; this was her first time away from home like this. Sure, she'd been to sleep overs, but she had never been so far from her parents before. She sighed, then stole a glance at her excited friends and classmates. "I've gotta make the best of this trip!" She cheered herself on as she went to join the rest of the class at the elevator.

    By the time they had gotten to the hotel, it was fairly late. It took everyone a while to figure out which room would have which people in it, and once Kali was finally settled in the room with Crystal, it was after 11pm. Kali was disappointed that the pool was already closed, and their busy day would start too early for her to do her morning laps.

    "Why don't we watch a movie? I brought a couple with me," Crystal suggested once both girls were in their pajamas, but too excited to sleep.

    "Sounds good to me! But before we start, I gotta call my mom," Kali answered as she bounced off her bed to her charging cell phone.

    Kali unlocked her phone and and quickly typed in her home phone number. She was greeted by a robotic voice telling her that the number she dialed was invalid.

    "We're sorry, but the number you dialed is currently out of service. Please hang up and try again." Kali was about to do just that when she heard the voice continue. "Or, alternatively, you could try yelling out the window. Some times that works! Hee hee hee!"

    Startled by the robotic laughter, Kali fumbled her phone and it dropped to the carpeted floor. "What was that?!" She yelled.

    Crystal's head shot up, and she rushed over to her friend. "What's up?" She asked with concern in her voice.

    Kali recounted the message to her, and Crystal's eyebrows shot up. "Freaky."

    "Yeah." Kali nodded in agreement. She picked her phone back up, and examined it. It certainly looked OK. She clicked the screen back on it functioned properly as well. She tried dialing home again, and put it on speaker so Crystal could hear, too.

    It happened again.

    "OH MY GOD!" Crystal shouted and backed away. Kali hung up and set her phone back down. "What is going on?"

    "I don't know, but I don't like it!" Crystal dove into her bed and under the covers.

    Kali followed her slowly, and sat on the edge of the bed. She rubbed her friend's shoulder slowly through the covers and whispered, "It'll be OK. Maybe I did type the number in wrong and got a prank number instead."

    That seemed to calm Crystal a bit, but Kali just said that to keep herself from freaking out. She knew she typed in her home phone number correctly, area code and all. She had no idea what was going on, but she needed to keep Crystal at peace and let her parents know they had reached the hotel safely.

    "Can I use your laptop to send my mom an e-mail?" She asked gently.

    "S-sure," Crystal sighed nervously as she peered at Kali with wide eyes.

    "Thanks," she smiled gently before she walked to the desk. Kali sat down in the desk chair, and pulled up her e-mail client. With every click of the touchpad, every letter she typed, she wondered if something was going to happen to the computer as well. Luckily, she was able to send the e-mail and receive a quick response from her mom with no trouble. After bidding her mom goodnight, she looked over her shoulder at Crystal. Her friend was fast asleep, so Kali decided to turn the computer off.

    After she clicked the Shut Down button, she rose from the chair and turned off the lights. Once she was settled in her bed, Kali glanced at the computer screen. She caught that last couple seconds of the "Windows is shutting down" message, then the screen went black. But not the kind of black that meant the computer was off now - the kind of black that still projected some light.

    Her brow furrowed as she wondered what was going on. A creepy little jester appeared on the screen, pulling itself out of the blackness in good ol' cartoony, fourth-wall breaking charm. It waved at Kali, then made a motion like it was cackling maniacally as it jumped back into the darkness. The laptop fully shut down this time, and closed itself as well with a loud "SNAP!"
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