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    Sooooo, let's just have a small, oh what's the phrase, hypothetical conversation. If Dynasmon has two possible digivolutions (Dynasmon X and Omnimon), and one of those digimon had an additional digivolution (Omnimon X) would that be going overboard to go the longer route? At the moment it's just the automatic jump from Mistymon to Dynasmon X (which is a natural option), but this proposed concept would require a much longer development from Mistymon to Dynasmon, Dynasmon to Omnimon, and finally Omnimon to Omnimon X. Granted it would be way over the normal amount of digivolutions, but the represented power of Omnimon X is almost without match, and would thus require the significant increase in effort to reach this final digivolution. Additionally I figured it wouldn't be possible to maintain it at all times, due to the massive amounts of energy needed to sustain the form. So, Fuyu, your thoughts?
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