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    @daisuki, looks good, you are accepted! Instructor spots for Natural Grace have closed as there is a maximum of two instructors per house.

    Here's my SU! Instructor spots in Water Cloak are also closed now.

    Full Name: Ermine Shaolin
    Age: 17 years old
    Species: Mienshao
    House: [As an Instructor] Water Cloak
    : Ermine is a Shiny (insert sparkles here) Mienshao, so she loooks like this:

    History: Ermine was born in Twul, being the daughter of the great Mienshao, who was the leader of Healer's Veil. However, her father was busy with the war and the opening of the guild and other things to the extent of even missing his own daughter's birth. Ermine tries to cover the fact that she is his daughter as she does not like neither the attention she gets from being his daughter nor him. Consequently, Ermine was raised by her mother, who taught her many morals and helped her grow strong as her mother knew about the potential danger yet to come.
    When Ermine was about ten she entered her father's guild, but not under his house but under the House of Water Cloak. It was revealed that she was a prodigy and she excelled quickly where she graduated when she was only 15. As she wished to remain in the guild longer, she became an instructor of Water Cloak and has been an instructor for Water Cloak for over two years now, teaching members how to be strong while still hunting down criminals and exploring mystery dungeons. She evolved during one mission when she had to hunt down a gang causing trouble, which helped her apprehend the whole gang.
    Level: 50
    Move-set: Stone Edge, Mach Punch, U-Turn, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Fake Out
    Code: Maestroke
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