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    Full Name: Maya Leone
    Age: 37
    Species: Delcatty
    House: [As an Instructor] Natural Grace

    Appearance: A large but feminine Delcatty with an unusually soft pelt. Scars are visible in many spots on her body, including a very prominent set of claw-marks on her right flank. She makes sure to keep herself in order, however, so her figure is still as graceful as ever.

    History: At birth, Maya was given an entirely domestic life in Via. It was no surprise that she would be attracted to the Four Quarters Guild, given her location, but her mother and father were fussy and wanted her to live a cozy life at home. Rebellious princess syndrome saved her from that life. The more she talked back and argued with her parents, the less they wanted her to live with them. Enough heated arguing made them finally kick Maya out. She wanted nothing more. With the guild being so close, the young Skitty did not have the conventionally harsh journey of those from lands further away. She practically waltzed right in.

    She never expected her training to be so harsh. She was taken into the house Natural Grace for training, and there were many times at the very beginning she almost quit and ran away. She was bullied for her weakness and for simply being a Skitty. She started to be haunted by nightmares. Still, she showed enough devotion to stay, eventually becoming one of the most ambitious members of Natural Grace. Her ambition earned her a place as an instructor for her team. Maya became haunted by nightmares of a different sort later in life. They did not discourage her, however, and being woken up at night made her very effective at training and working at night.

    Level: 50
    Move-set: 6 maximum.
    RP Sample: Sing, Faint Attack, Covet, Double Edge, Attract, Copycat
    Code: Maestroke
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