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    JEN: And that's all happened?

    CHROME: [nods] That's everything.

    JEN: I have to say, you're quite the trainer.

    CHROME: Who? Me?

    JEN: [nods] I mean, you were both exceptional in that battle and your teamwork was quite impressive, but Chrome, your ability to think in crucial moments really turned the battle around. From what I've seen in the security video, you were able to decipher and counter their strategy in a matter of moments. The calculative ability was actually able to turn a two-on-three battle in your favor.

    MARIE: Yeah, that was pretty cool, Chrome! I knew you were my good luck charm!

    CHROME: [embarrassed] It really wasn't much . . .

    After Inspector Jen and his team arrived, things were cleared up rather handily. The three thugs sat in the back of a Zetsuna police car, more disgruntled than before. That left the police to clean up the scene and wrap up evidence. Since the two boys in blue that Inspector Jen brought with him were going over the scene with Professor Elm, it left him to interview the young trainers who were at the center of all the trouble.

    For the next few moments, the conversation as nothing more than a critical analysis of the battle they were involved in. Suddenly, Marie asked a question that should have been on Chrome's mind.

    MARIE: Inspector Jen, who were those guys?

    JEN: They're mobsters from the Mob Squad.

    MARIE: The Mob Squad?

    JEN: Their a crime syndicate who makes their money from illegal operations like trading off ill-gotten rare Pokemon, child slave labor, child prostitution and assassinations.

    Did Chrome hear that correctly? Child prostitution? Assassinations? The mere mention of it all made the room spin for a brief moment. What were to happen to him and Marie if they lost that battle? Would they have the will to fight if they knew their own lives were on the line? Chrome thought it best to try to shake the thought off as soon as he could.

    CHROME: If they've done all of this, why haven't they been arrested yet?

    JEN: The head of the organization, along with their headquarters, is rather elusive. We haven't been able to pinpoint where the main operations are taking place. We've caught quite a few of their thugs, but we never get anything solid. Even these guys will likely keep quiet. For now, this is all we can do.

    Chrome noticed the unusual silence of Marie. He looked over to notice the sullen expression on her face. It seems that, like him, she hadn't processed the crimes that she heard correctly. It seemed like the moment didn't pass for her either. The usually hyperactive Marie was completely silent and fidgety.

    The rest of the interview was fairly procedural.

    JEN: Well, we're about done here. My men and I will take these guys to the precinct and see if we can get something out of them. Professor Elm, we'll be sending someone around to watch over you and the lab for the rest of the time you'll be here.

    ELM: I understand.

    JEN: If you two see anything related to the Mob Squad, then just contact any of my cousins, Officier Jenny. They'll report straight to me with anything related to the organization.

    CHROME: Understood.

    MARIE: Ye . . . yeah.

    And with that, Inspector Jen was gone. However, he neglected to take the atmosphere with him. Marie was completely frozen in fear, pathetically paralyzed. Chrome, completely unable to ease her ailment, remained silent. For a moment, Professor Elm checked over his things in the lab to insure that nothing was damaged beyond use. After successfully inspecting his equipment, he turned his attention back to the two teens.

    ELM: I really must thank you two for all of your help.

    CHROME: Ah . . . don't mention it.

    ELM: Actually, I do have something that can be of help to you two.

    Professor Elm unpacked a box from the things he inspected in rummaged through it for a while.

    ELM: These are PokeGear. They're like your Pokedex, Chrome. However, instead of recording Pokemon, they keep record of the people you meet and the accolades you collect.

    CHROME: They look a lot like cell phones.

    ELM: Well, they essentially are. You're also able to receive and make calls through them. They also have a few other refined features, but I'm sure you'll have more fun discovering them yourselves.

    CHROME: Wow, thanks, Professor Elm.

    MARIE: Yeah, these are pretty cool.

    It seems that Marie was finally pulling her mind away from what they heard earlier.

    ELM: Also, Chrome, I want you to have this.

    Prof. Elm palmed a pokeball in Chrome's open hand. Though it took him awhile to process it, Chrome finally realized what this was.

    CHROME: You're giving me Cyndaquil?

    ELM: Well, I can't do much with him. It seems that he'll need to warm up to someone in order to stay under control. I'm not willing to take that risk with trainers. Furthermore, it seems that he's already warmed up to you pretty well in the span of a few minutes. So, I'll still be giving him to a trainer who'll take good care of him.

    CHROME: You sure are awfully trusting of me . . .

    ELM: I saw how you jumped in front of Cyndaquil. An average Water Gun could actually drown you if you took it face-on. You didn't hesitate to protect him. I know that he'll be fine in your hands. Besides, you two are about to journey into Corona forest. You'll need his flame more than ever in there.

    MARIE: Is Corona forest really that bad?

    Chrome was interested in knowing too. He didn't even know where to go next. After he was done here, he actually planned to just go back to Nova and ask around. All in all, it was good to know that he was already en route to the next destination.

    ELM: Corona forest is big on bug Pokemon. They're probably not as much of a threat as the team you just took on, but they can be pesky. They won't stand too close to open flames, though. And, I doubt you'll be able to get through that forest in one night, so Cyndaquil could probably fit a lot of needs during the night.

    Chrome almost forgot the distance between some of these cities. Since he got to Nova City and defeated their Gym Leader all within the span of a few hours, for a moment, he legitimately believed he could get through multiple cities over the course of a week.

    CHROME: Fine, I'll accept him and take good care of him.

    ELM: That's good, Chrome. Be safe out there, both of you.

    MARIE: We'll do our best!

    With those words, Chrome and Marie were gone.

    Shortly after the teenage couple left, Elm's videophone began to sound. Having nothing better to do, he didn't hesitate to answer it. To his surprise, it was Professor Nemo.

    ELM: Ah, Shelia, I was just about to contact you.

    NEMO: I take it that Chrome arrived.

    ELM: [nods] Yes, he just left. I decided to leave Cyndaquil in his care.

    NEMO: Oh! He's got 4 Pokemon after 3 days? His mom will be all too ecstatic to hear that.

    ELM: I'm sure . . . but Shelia, I've got to ask.

    NEMO: Hmm?

    ELM: Is it safe to have that kid travelling on this journey?

    NEMO: What do you mean?

    ELM: Today, I got to know about a little gang known as the Mob Squad. This is a gang designated on kidnapping kids and rare Pokemon. Now, I've only been here a few days and I've had an encounter with them. So, I've got to wonder how many times you must have heard of them. More importantly, I wonder how many times you've had a run-in with them.

    NEMO: . . . Well, they haven't given me any trouble.

    ELM: Believe it or not, that's not my biggest concern with this. It's actually his . . . gift.

    NEMO: So, you noticed?

    ELM: If slowly and calmly approaching Cyndaquil was all it took, I would have calmed him down a long time ago. The moment Chrome touched that Pokemon, it was as if he was no longer nervous. That's not normal behavior. In all my years of researching Pokemon, I've never seen anything like that.

    NEMO: What do you think?

    ELM: The kid isn't normal. Not in the slightest. On top of instantly calming Cyndaquil, he was able to come up with a counter strategy to some organization grunts almost immediately. He definitely didn't know much about Pokemon when he walked in here, so it begs the question, why is he so adept at handling him?

    NEMO: I guess it's just in his blood.

    ELM: You and I both know that's not how genetics work.

    NEMO: Fair enough. I admit that I'm hiding some things from you. However, I promise to reveal my results to you when it's all said and done.

    ELM: So, this kid is your experiment?

    NEMO: You could say that. All in all, I'm sure that it'll bring some phenomenal results, but I'm more interested in the boy's development. From what his mom tells me, he has quite the processing speed. He's knowledgeable in most situations and he's quick on his feet. He's also caring and honest. Doesn't it all sound like the best qualities for a Pokemon Master?

    ELM: Are you trying to push your dreams on him?

    NEMO: No, no, no! I'm not at all trying to shape him that way. I just wonder how far he can go. With his ability, I think we'll end up discovering something innovative in the field of Pokemon science.

    ELM: And you think that's worth his safety? His friend's safety?

    NEMO: I'll agree, it is a gamble, but I wouldn't have taken it if this wasn't a pressing enough matter.

    Elm began to calm down.

    ELM: Fair enough. However, if anything happens to him, it's on you.

    NEMO: I'll take that responsibility. With you, with his mom and with Faust.

    ELM: Oh, so he's involved in this as well . . .
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