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    Hello everyone. Team Seven Suns is a team that is here to bring you all enjoyment. I am looking for a wing-man/woman to act as a co-founder to help me run this smoothly. We plan on making high quality games and a way to improve upon the skills that we already have. We plan to make games that range from different systems to make everyone happy. Our first game though will be a GBA game called Pokemon: Adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. This game will not be perfect but we do plan to spend a lot of time on it. Through playing many hacks such as Pokemon Dark Rising, Shiny Gold, and Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians, I got to thinking why couldn't I bring together a group of people that wanted to make high quality fun games such as these? This is why I want to do this. I want push myself and my team mates to make good games that can be enjoyed by all people.


    Contact Information:
    Proof of work:
    Past experiences:


    Aceraptor-Founder/Mapper/Storyline Creator
    [email protected])3N50-Scripter
    blazirock- Second Mapper

    Current Project:

    Pokemon: Legend of the Seven Suns: In the beginning Arceus separated his power in 7 creatures that were not considered pokemon yet. These creatures had the less power than Arceus but are still powerful. These creatures tried to overthrow Arceus but were unsuccessful. Arceus used his power to deal them away into Suns and sent them off. But because of the sealing of the creatures he created 7 pokemon to be the only keys to awkwaening the creatures again. The 7 pokemon he originally created as their incarnated versions were, Latios,Latias,Raikou,Entai,Suicune,Lugia and Ho-oh. It was said if those 7 powers were controlled the controller of them would be stronger than Arceus himself. But this story has always just been a myth or is it? As a child I knew this couldn't be true. Until one day while sitting watching tv a break in the news appeared, showing Lugia attacking the six other pokemon of legend. While watching it a voice spoke to you and told you that you are one of the 7 protectors off the Mythical pokemon. As you walk out you see that there is a shadowy figure riding Lugia? You think to yourself who could this person be and why does he want the power so bad? Your friends Joy and Richard meet you outside and told you that they heard the same voice as you and that they should go get a pokemon from Proffesor Issac. As you collect your first person you realize that you and 6 other people are the only ones that can stop this chaos from occurring. Should you believe the voices that spoke to you? Who is the mysterious figure you witnessed? Can you bring peace back to the world?
    Using a Pokemon FireRed base.
    Roles Needed:

    Graphic Artists
    Music inserter

    Thank you for stopping by please post here if interested in joining or contact me at: [email protected]

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