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    Hello PC, my name is Mark, and I'm currently working on a project called Pokémon Neo Destiny. I am using the Pokémon Essentials v12 kit for RPG Maker XP. I chose to start making this game due to both a love of the Pokémon series and a small bit of experience with RPG Maker 2003. While I am slightly more accustomed to using 2003, XP isn't too foreign to me.

    After the events in Pokémon: The First Movie and Mewtwo Returns, Mewtwo (the original Team Rocket created one) has grown tired of trying to find a place to fit in. Mewtwo decides to request a meeting with the most powerful Legendary Pokémon: Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Regigigas, Heatran, Shaymin, Arceus, Zekrom, and Reshiram. During the meeting, Mewtwo explains that it and its fellow clone Pokémon are having an extremely difficult time fitting in and wish to create a new region where the clone Pokémon can live in peace, away from persecution. After much discussion, the Legendaries decide to allow Mewtwo a region of its own, where it can govern and protect its clones, along with carefully selected humans who will be permitted to live in the region. However, the Legendaries demand that Mewtwo allow non-clone Pokémon to live in the region, to be fair to all Pokémon. Mewtwo decides to name its region Genesis, due to it being the beginning of a new life for Mewtwo and its clones. However, with the sudden appearance of a new region in the Pokémon World, a familiar character's memory of Mewtwo is restored, and a powerful grudge against the Genetic Pokémon is planted in the character's heart...

    After finishing the main story, the player will be able to access a "familiar" region, along with certain "Region Preserves" where the player will be able to catch Pokémon from other regions that don't appear in the Genesis Region. Also included will be special cameos from familiar characters from the Anime, including but not limited to Ash, Brock and Misty.

    Notable Trainers
    - An alternative-style, quick-to-act girl that lives next-door. Her family moved to the Genesis Region at Mewtwo's request, similar to the player. She's the player's best friend, and acts as a sort of guide to the Genesis Region.

    Gym Leaders
    - A loving, caring father. Vincent is the Leader of the Elderberry Town Gym. His grandparents are the Day Care Couple. Vincent specializes in Baby Pokémon. The Trainers in his Gym are his children, who use Pokémon given to them by Vincent. Defeating him grants you the Pacifier Badge, and TM90: Substitute.
    - A hot-headed vocalist. When not performing at gigs around the Pokémon World, he can be found at the Mulberry City Gym. He specializes in Electric Pokémon. His Gym Trainers are his fellow band members. Defeating him grants you the Shock Badge, and TM34: Shock Wave.
    - The brother of Hoenn Gym Leader, Flannery. Briar is more confident and laid-back than his sister. He specializes in Fire Pokémon. He has a single Gym Trainer in his Gym in Mombin Town. Defeating him grants you the Boil Badge, and TM61: Will-O-Wisp.
    - An archiologist from the Sinnoh Region, currently runs the Watermelon City Gym. She studied under Byron. Sandra and her Pokémon lead numerous underground expeditions throughout the Genesis Region. She specializes in Ground Pokémon. She has 7 Trainers in her Gym. Defeating her grants you the Tunnel Badge, and TM26: Earthquake.
    - An old-school pirate, previously known as Captain Razor Tooth. Walter gave up his swashbuckling life after many years on the sea, and took up a more reserved name. He docked his old pirate ship in the Genesis Region, where a city was errected and took its name from his ship, Nautious City. His Gym is aboard the Nauticail, his signature ship. He specializes in Water Pokémon. He has 5 Trainers on his ship, who are also members of his crew. Defeating him grants you the Crossbone Badge, and TM55: Brine.
    - A master of the shadows. Karukei is a ninja-in-training. Previously tutored by Koga of Kanto, she now lives a solitary life, mastering the art of Ninjutsu by trial-and-error. She specializes in Dark Pokémon. Her Gym in Dragonfruit Town contains 3 Trainers, who are hidden throughout her dojo. Defeating her grants you the Dread Badge, and TM79: Dark Pulse.
    - A mysterious, young girl. She was raised by Fairy-type Pokémon in the Kalos Region, she moved to the Genesis Region after Mewtwo came to her. Her Gym is in Plantain City, a city built among the trees, not unlike Fortree City in Hoenn. Her Gym contains 2 Trainers. She specializes in Fairy Pokémon. Defeating her grants you the Fey Badge, and TM83: Recover.
    -Levi is the cousin of Johto's Elite Four Member, Will. Unlike Will, Levi actually is able to manifest psychic abilities. His Gym is located in Starfruit City and contains 4 Trainers. He specializes in Psychic Pokémon. Defeating him grants you the Third Eye Badge, and TM3: Psyshock.

    Pokémon League
    1st - Conner
    - A tough, middle-aged man. He specializes in Steel Pokémon.
    2nd - Krys
    - An arrogant, cold-hearted, beautiful woman. She specializes in Ice Pokémon.
    3rd - Altair
    - A cool, ex-fighter pilot. He specializes in Flying Pokémon.
    4th - Kotone
    - An eccentric, young woman. She specializes in Bug Pokémon.
    Champion - ?????
    - A mysterious character who appeared when the Genesis Region was created. He specializes in his favorite Pokémon, not any specific type.


    Kiwi Villiage, the starting town. Kiwi Villiage, Route X1, Coconut Town, and Route X2 will be located on an island to the Southeast of the mainland. They will be connected to the mainland by a water route, and an undersea tunnel.

    Route X1. Simple straight route.

    Coconut Town, the first town you visit on your journey. In the center of town is Coconut Well, where the player will receive their first "quest". A woman asks the player to rescue her daughter, who has fallen down the well.

    Coconut Well. The player will have to travel the perimeter of the well to reach the woman's daughter, who is cornered by a wild Gastly, who is fabled to live in the depths of the well.

    Route X2 (so far). The entrance to Zoantharia Tunnel is blocked by an old man who will only move once you obtain...something. Also, north of Route X2 is a water route, that (clearly) is not complete yet. Also, it isn't numbered yet.

    Zoantharia Tunnel. You'll see two familiar characters here. The tunnel is also pitch-black in-game. You'll have to find Flash in order to properly navigate the tunnel.

    Elderberry Town. Location of the Day Care Couple, and the first Gym.

    Route X3. Semi-rocky route. Most tall grass is found in the valley section. Also, the player first sees Headbutt-able trees here. A familiar character is blocking the cave in the valley, until the player receives 3 badges. This route has a chance to see rain.

    Route X4. Contant thunderstorms ravage this rocky route. Many Electric-types are found here. Also, a special event takes place at the top of the peak, once the player obtains Rock Smash and returns to this route.

    Papaya Town. This town overlooks Antien Canyon. It is also where the Tree Guy lives. The Tree Guy gives the player HM01: Cut, and also offers to teach one of the player's Pokémon Headbutt. The player's Rival is waiting in the Tree Guy's back yard for a second battle with the player.

    Story (25%)
    Mapping (17%)
    Graphics (75%)
    Post-Game Content (2%)

    Credits (So Far)
    RPG Maker XP, developed and published by Enterbrain
    Pokémon Essentials v11, originally created by Poccil, currently under management by Maruno
    Sylveon Sprite, created by Kyle Dove of DeviantArt (
    Genesect Overworld Sprite, created by Sarena Kimura (speedvore) of DeviantArt (
    HGSS Overworld Sprites, ripped from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver by Wichu of PokéCommunity (

    Credit for HGSS Tiles and other downloaded tiles go to:
    Prince Legendario
    Calid Projects
    3DS FC: 1461-6392-0206