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    this isn't much of a story idea as it is just things that happen.
    the player could find a pokemon and upon giving it a certain item the pokemon can be obtained. then suddenly a stranger shows up claiming that you have his pokemon and asks for it back. strangely enough, the pokemon refuses to go with the stranger and a battle ensues. upon defeat the stranger vows to get his pokemon back. the stranger will appear throughout the adventure and the player will over time gather clues as to why the stranger wants the pokemon so much. maybe a strain in it's dna from being experimented on to make it stronger than normal which would explain why it doesn't like the stranger.
    another idea could be a very event based story somewhat like avatar where you help towns and villages upon your journey while thwarting team rocket with cameos from first gen gym leaders as allies. i can't remember which game it was probably gold and silver where lance the dragon trainer helps you shut down a radio station? it was so long ago idk. but i always liked the idea of having allies so maybe when you team up you can temporarily battle with the gym leader's as well as your own pokemon. it wouldn't be impossible to script. just something really story based.
    i think it would also be cool to have factions like in fallout where you can gain reputation after certain events.
    anyway these things are just off the top of my head so if anyone wants to brain storm just send me a message or something. im getting familiar with advance map and more recently scripting but i've been having trouble with spriting because im really familiar with leaf green and fire red but i like the tilesets of emerald. im just not found of the layout. also i like the idea of secret bases to maybe use to heal pokemon, i think somebody else said that.
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