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Hey, I am currently training to battle the elite four for the first time. I want to know what levels I should train my Pokemon to before moving on in the game and challenging the elite four. (I have already begun training on some Pokemon, so my levels are unbalanced)

My Team:
Typhlosion (Level 45)
-Quick Attack
-Fire Blast

Lapras (Level 45)
-Ice Beam

Golem (Level 45)
-Focus Punch
-Double-Edge (Rock-Head Ability)

Umbreon (Level 41)
-Dark Pulse
-Faint Attack
-Shadow Ball
-Confuse Ray

Crobat (Level 40)
-Wing Attack
-Poison Fang

So far I have been training in Victory Road and Near the Safari Zone (There is a patch of grass up a waterfall). Where should I train?

Also, should I change the movesets of my Pokemon, and in what way? (Keep in mind, I can't obtain all TMs since I am only in Johto)
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