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    Originally Posted by ShiningLust View Post
    no I don't I'm just looking for good types and to do good with one an other but if u know any others I should try let me know
    Well, your team currently lacks a good sweeper. While Hitmonlee may seem like a good physical attacker, he lacks a good moveset to take on various types of pokemon. Dragons are perfect for that role, such as Haxorus or Gabite. Electivire is also a pretty awesome pokemon that could cover a good range, and be good at it at the same time.

    and I also wanna know if my Gengar and Hitmonlee would work good together
    Frankly, I don't think so (competitively). Both are weak against Psychic, and could be swept by one attack from most sweepers. However, Gengar could hold himself with Substitute and has many other moves to spare in his arsenal. He's not a bad pick, at least. Also, it's not that I'm saying Lee's bad, but "working together" with Gengar could be hard to tell (is this 1v1's or 2v2's). But generally, I guess they'd work best against Ice/Rock/Steel/Normal types. Outside of competitive gaming, it doesn't matter. They look like a fun combo to go against.

    On the bright side, you wouldn't find very many Psychic types floating around (at least compared to, say, Dragons and Water-types). If your Gengar is fast enough, it could even take one psycho down before it even attacks. If you really want Hitmonlee, there's no one stopping you. It's pretty good nonetheless. Heck, I've won a local tournament once using only bug pokemon XD With the right planning, you can make both work well against any odds.

    Anyway, aside from the sweepers, you might want some kind of Tanky poke or something that you could use just for trollgasmic fun. Good choices are those that use the moves Toxic spikes, spikes, leech seed, and stealth rock. Recover, Giga Drain, and the likes help make these movesets more useable.

    Toxic+recover/protect work wonders, too. You might find it fun to use even in non-competitive battles once in a while.

    Try new kinds of combinations, having a variety of pokemon in your team could make your experience a lot more fun.
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