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    I'd like to share that we now have a fully-filled Genesis PokéDex! Here are a few screenshots from the PokéDex, in-game.


    Screenshot showing the Eeveelutions as the first 9 entries in the Genesis PokéDex. Note: there are 245 Pokémon in the Genesis PokéDex.

    Screenshot showing Jigglypuff's implimented Fairy-type. I created the Fairy-type icon myself.

    Screenshot showing Marill's implimented Fairy-type.

    Screenshot showing Gardevoir's implimented Fairy-type.

    Screenshot showing which Starter Pokémon will be included in the Genesis PokéDex. However, you will not be receiving any of these Pokémon from the region's Professor. Instead, they will be wild Pokémon. However, I will not be releasing just where these Pokémon will be found, that's for you to figure out.

    Screenshot of a placeholder sprite for Shellos's Genesis Sea Forme. I know, it's a bad splicing job, but it'll serve it's purpose until I can find a spriter to make a proper one. Also included in Neo Destiny will be other Formes for Shellos and Gastrodon. These new Formes include a Kanto Sea, Johto Sea, Hoenn Sea, Sinnoh Sea, and Unova Sea Formes. I have a Hoenn Sea sprite ready to be added, that I am using with permission from Ian Godakloo (

    I've also been playing around with HGSS tiles I found online (don't know who ripped them, and not sure if going to impliment in game yet or not. If I choose to use the tiles in game, I will find who ripped them, and give proper credit.) Nickalooose stated that he would've prefered HGSS tiles for Kiwi Village, and I personally agreed with him, however, I wasn't sure if I could get the same feel for the village with them as I do with FRLG tiles, but I decided to give it a go anyway. And this is what I ended up with.

    Before (FRLG Tiles [Included in Essentials])

    After (Using HGSS Tiles [Found online; credit will be given if I choose to impliment them])

    I would greatly appreciate your input. Afterall, creating games is all about making the players happy. Also, I would like to add that I am considering looking for a spriter, to help with my new formes, new items, and possibly tweaking the tilesets to give the region more of a tropical feel.

    Edit: The length of the Genesis PokéDex will most likely be changing. I forgot to add a few Pokémon that I had originally planned on being included in the region.
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