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    Hello, I know there's a thread out for Pokemon Steel, but since I've stopped working on it back in early 2012, Leikaru started his rendition of this game, but here's my version.

    Story: You are a new and upcoming trainer that, on his/her 16th birthday, starts his/her pokemon adventure in the new Kansil Region. Then, when you talk to the porfessor, he gives you and your friends (Jessie and Tom) pokemon of there own. But then, the daterly Team Universe drops in and kidnaps the professor. now it's up to you, Jessie and Tom to rescue the professor as well as becoming the master of the Kansil League.

    New Features: Pokemon X and Y style graphics, MP3 Player (you can download track using the in-game music store), New Cell Phone (based off of the XTransciver), Pokemon Contests, New Pokemon and Moves and a lottery system.

    Game Engine: Unity3D (just because it's almost imposable to cram a huge game like this into RPG Maker XP)

    3D Tools: Blender and Maya

    Number of New Pokemon: 251 (I know that's a lot considering X and Y isn't released yet, but I'm determined)

    Team Members: Myself (programmer/Team Lead), MegamanDX (Designer), Noel Yang (UI Artist)

    Positions In Need: C#/JavaScript Programmer, 3D Modeler, 2D Artist.

    If anyone else would like to join our team, just let me know via PM
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