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The Petit Pokemon Challenge!

First and foremost....

Playable Pokemon (arranged by Type & Generation):

- Evolved Pokemon may be raised/traded in/hacked in as parents for egg moves. However, they SHOULD NOT participate in any (trainer/gym/major) battle.

Exceptional Pokemon (arranged by Type & Generation):

- Exceptional pokemon may be played in addition to the playable pokemon. However...
- Exceptional pokemon may ONLY be used in [Monotype] Petit Challenges.

- Additionally, these are not exceptions for other types unless mentioned (e.g Omanyte is only found as an exception for Rock pokemon. Hence, he cannot be used in a [Water] Petit Challenge)

Useable Moves:

  • OHKO moves are banned... Metronome is allowed, though.
  • Only moves with 70 Attack power or less are allowed to be used/learned by the pokemon in your party.
However, Dig, Hyper Fang and ???-power moves are also allowed as an exception to this rule. Some examples of ???-power moves are Magnitude, Sonic Boom and Dragon Rage.

  • If any of these moves are learned by a single Pokemon, then that Pokemon should have no other offensive moves of the same type. e.g If Rattata has learned Hyper Fang, then he cannot have Tackle or Super Fang in his moveset. However, you may replace Hyper Fang with Super Fang for that matter. Moves like Mud Sport and Screech are still allowed since they don't deal damage.
Grass Knot, Fury Cutter, Rollout, Low Kick and the likes are also allowed. So long as their written Attack power is less than 70.

Take note that the pokemon entries are not based on Pokemon Stadium's traditional length/weight rules because many Steel-type pokemon wouldn't be included that way. So instead, a 330-base-stat-limit rule was implemented. This, of course, doesn't include the "exceptional pokemon" listed - where some even exceed an overall of 400, namely, the electrical cheeky rodents. So, without further ado...

  • You are not allowed to use two or more of the same pokemon in your party.
  • Challenges end once you beat the Elite Four
    • At the end of the game, your strongest party member should not be more than 15 levels above the weakest party member.
  • HM slaves are allowed (since you can't teach Surf or Strength to your pokemon), however they must not, by any means, be used in battle. If you took them out because your party was wiped out… it’s fine. But you shouldn’t include these Pokemon in Gym nor Elite four battles (unless, of course, they only have the moves Rock Smash, Flash or Cut).
  • Adding a new Pokemon to your main 6 should always start at level 5 or below
    • Hacking to get your fave pokemon or whatever is allowed, but the rule above should be followed.
    • Replacing your main 6 with newly caught pokemon is allowed, but they should follow the level-5 rule written above. You will have to wait until you reach a daycare center if a pokemon is higher than level 5.
    • If you swapped out a party member to make room for an HM slave, then you may get your original party member back later without applying the level-5 rule.
    • Gen 1 is an exception to this rule. You may use newly-caught pokemon as long as they are allowed in the challenge.
  • You are not allowed to hack in ANY item. The pickup ability, however, may be abused for as much as you want.
  • Under any circumstances, you must ONLY revive your fainted members in a Pokemon Center.
    • This means that revives are banned. No other items are banned, though.
    • Rare candies may only be used if the pokemon is not in fainted status.
  • You may only heal (this includes status effects) your pokemon with items outside of battle...
    • However, moves such as Wish and Aromatherapy are allowed, as an exception to this rule.
    • As another exception to this rule, you may also let your pokemon hold berries. Abuse this all you want.
  • Rom-Hacks are allowed in this challenge IF the maps, regions, and pokedex in the hack are kept untouched (Expert Emerald, for instance, is allowed. But it will count as a normal Emerald playthrough)
  • You may accept this challenge for selected spinoffs, too! Yay! Namely:
- Pokemon TCG 1/2
- Pokemon Stadium 1/2
- Pokemon Colosseum
- Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Others aren't listed because: 1) I'm not sure if it's even applicable on those games anymore; or 2) there's no option to use evolved/petit pokemon - forcing you to be stuck on that game's own challenge

Challenge Types

Single - Simply want to give this challenge a shot? Then sign up for this.
- You must input your game's version followed by your progress as you sign up. (e.g Blue 3/8)

Ultimate - Want to bring this challenge through every region? Then take this challenge!
- You must write your progress in each region. (e.g Kanto 8/8, Johto 4/8, Hoenn 8/8)

Hardcore - Planning to accept the challenge for all Pokemon versions out there? That's insane!
- You must write your progress for each version (e.g Red 3/8, Blue 6/8, Ruby 4/8, etc)

Kanto = R/B/Y/Gr/FR/LG
Johto = G/S/C/HG/SS
Hoenn = R/S/E
Sinnoh = D/P/Pt
Unova = B/W/B2/W2

Challenge Modes

[Mixed] Petit Challenge - use any pokemon you want!

[Monotype] Petit Challenge- all of your pokemon must have at least one matching type.

[Solo] Petit Challenge - must only use one pokemon for the whole playthrough.

Final notes before signing up:
  • The [Dark] and [Ice] Petit Challenges may only be taken from Gen 2 and above. (No available pokemon to use in Gen 1)
  • The [Steel] Petit and [Dragon] Petit Challenges may be taken from Gen 3 and above. If you decide to accept the challenge in earlier gens (Steel is not possible in Gen 1 though), your name will be added into the Hall of Fame since those will be extremely hard with only one pokemon.
  • The [Bug] Petit Challenge may be taken from Gen 2 and above. If you decide to accept the challenge in Gen 1, well... good luck. I will personally carve your gravestone. Your names will be listed at the top of the Hall of Fame.
    • This challenge will have to require a screenshot of proof, though. >_<'a It's a really hard feat, it's the least you can do to show how patient you were.
  • And once again, exceptional pokemon may only be used if you are accepting a [Monotype] Petit Challenge. Otherwise, they are banned.

Entry/Registration Form:

Name -
Challenge Type - (Single/Ultimate/HC)
Challenge Mode - (Mixed/Monotype/Solo)
Current progress -

Sample forms:

Sample "Single" Challenge Type entry:
Name -
Challenge Type
- Single
Challenge Mode
Current progress: Yellow 5/8

Sample "Ultimate" Challenge Type entry:
Name -
Challenge Type - Ultimate
Challenge Mode -
Current Progress:
- Hoenn 1/8
- Johto 8/8
- Kanto 4/8

Sample "Hardcore" Challenge Type entry:
Name -
Challenge Type - Hardcore
Challenge Mode -
Current Progress:
- Kanto (Red 3/8; Blue 5/8; Yellow 8/8, FR 8/8, LG 7/8)
- Hoenn (Ruby 8/8, Saph 8/8, Eme 8/8)
- etc..

Update Routine
I will be updating the challenger's list for as much as I could. Everyday, if possible. However, we all know that any sane human can't do that all-year-round with vacations, school and whatnot. But, under any case, I would see to it that the list is updated at least once per week. Even if I get washed away into an uncharted island.... I WILL FIND A WAY!

So guys, please be patient if your names are still not up there. They will be there. If you want to repost/bump, just make sure that you don't spam the same thing over and over. Meaning, post/repost only if you have more progress.

For those who are participating, feel free to update however you want. Tell us your story, throw some jokes for giggles, post screenshots, write a poem... your call. Just make sure to place your progress somewhere down there.

Hall of Fame



[Mixed] Petit: Blue 0/8

[Normal] Petit: Emerald 1/8

[Mixed] Petit: XD: GoD 0%

[Mixed] Petit: Platinum 0/8





[Mixed] Petit: Silver
[Mixed] Petit: Emerald



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