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    Moli's Personal Progress Sheet (to avoid spam)

    Mixed Challenge on Silver (Completed July 3, 2013)

    Moves: Rollout, Swift, Flame Wheel, Smokescreen

    Moves: Dig, Hyper Fang, Pursuit, Focus Energy

    Moves: Horn Attack, Double Kick, Focus Energy, Fury Attack

    Events in my final battle:

    For the Elite four, the hardest part was trying not to get Cyndaquil killed by Lance's Gyarados. Usually, he starts out with Rain Dance, followed by a Surf (if you're weak against it) and then a Hyper Beam. With Rattata, my stronger attacker, being taken down by Agatha's Gengar in the previous battle, I needed a lot of luck to win this.

    I send out Cyndaquil, ordering him to use smokescreen. Lance orders Gyarados to use Rain Dance as expected... Unfortunately, Gyarados's Surf had NOT missed.... but to my surprise, Cyndaquil was still standing. O_o Nonetheless, Cyndaquil's rollout was able to build up twice, killing Gyarados and awaiting for it's next victim. The battle goes on, and down goes Lance's 1st Dragonite, he takes out Aerodactly. The problem with Aerodactyl is his speed, power, and Rock Slide. For this battle, i had to take Nidoran out first, aiming to wear Aerodactyl down.

    Nidoran at full life, Cyndaquil in red... it was getting hopeless. None of Nidoran's attacks were truly effective against Aerodactyl. However, with his defense (and Quick claw equipped) he still managed to bring Aerodactyl to half HP. With only one pokemon left, i was worried of repeating -- but hey, i'm pretty sure I could've gone that far again on any following attempt, anyway.

    So, with Cyndaquil being my last strand of hope, i let him use rollout. That one attack, super-effective, brought Aerodactyl down in a critical hit. Charizard is out, and a 2nd stage rollout was enough to bring him down. LOL. How glad i was that Lance didn't take his 2nd Dragonite out so early. Well, you already know what happens here. 3rd stage rollout was more than enough to take Dragonite down, and I finally earn my Champion title. GG, Cyndaquil, gg. Never missed any of those rollouts... well-played.

    Pretty epic fight, no? Tho rollout felt really cheap. Still, that run made me wanna finish Gold/Crystal as well thanks to this (with different pokemon, of course)... but I'm continuing and finishing my Eme run first. >_<

    So up next is a Mixed challenge (replacing the supposedly bug monotype) on Emerald with the following pokemon:

    Mixed Challenge on Emerald (Completed July 20, 2013)

    Heads Lv 55
    Equipped Item:
    Moves: Protect, Shockwave, Toxic, Sludge

    Tails Lv 58
    Equipped Item: Focus Band
    Moves: Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Giga Drain, Dragonbreath

    Joker Lv 49
    Equipped Item:
    Moves: Dive, Confuse Ray, Spark, Water Pulse -> Charge (last minute, during Wallace battle)
    Formerly Owned:
    (2x)Lv ?? - Parents for Lv5 Gulpin
    (2x)Lv ?? - Parents for Lv5 Chinchou
    Lv 35 - Parent for Dragonbreath Treecko
    Lv 39 - Starter

    Moves: Mega Drain, Absorb, Pursuit, Cut
    lv ?? - HM Cut
    lv ?? - HM Surf, Cut
    lv ?? - HM Strength, Rock Smash
    lv ?? - HM Fly, Surf
    lv ?? - HM Waterfall, Dive

    Adventure Log:
    • Picked Treecko as starter
    • Earned both Petalburg and Dewford badges with
    • Caught for HM Cut
    • Picked up an Everstone in Granite Cave → equipped to Treecko.
    • Caught 2x→ bred → hatched new egg → parents were released..
    • Lost to Winstrate family twice → finally acquired Macho Brace → equipped to Gulpin
    • Lost to Wattson once → earned the badge with a Lv23and Lv 35
    • Taught Rock Smash
    • Caught and trained a for breeding later
    • EV-trained 's SpD (halfway; no Pkrs)... cause I'm he's kinda awesome that way.
    • Earned Lavaridge Town's badge with Lv33and Lv 39
    • Evolved into → bred with→ hatched → released both parents
    • Lost against in one of Petalburg Gym's trainers → won against Norman and earned the badge with Lv33and Lv 34
    • (a level 41 treecko who knew Detect would've made it MUCH easier ;_
    • Captured a for an additional HM slave (Surf, Cut) → released
    • Earned Fortree's gym badge with Lv44and Lv 38
    • caught for Strength and Rock Smash; andfor Fly and Surf → released
    • Lost twice against Mossdeep's Gym Leaders → beat them with Lv52and Lv 45
    • Caughtto become my last HM slave (Waterfall, Dive) → caught 2x→ bred for an egg → released
    • Beat Sootopolis's Gym with Lv53Lv 51 and Lv 38
    • Trained a bit in Victory Road → released all of my HM slaves
    • E4 Entry levels: Lv54Lv 57 and Lv 46

    Elite Four synopsis:
    • Sidney:
      • Used Toxic/Protect tactic against hiswith; result = half HP left
      • uses Sludge, luckily poisoning , another Sludge and faint; result = 12 hp left
      • was sent out, and i accidentally canceled switch... sotook a free-hit from Needle Arm. After attacking 2x with Aerial Ace, Sidney uses Hyper Potion. Again, attacks with Aerial Ace, finally fainting for good; result = 30% hp left
      • Sent out againstand , both basically using Swords Dance, and hitting themselves hard later thanks to 's Confuse Ray (lol); result = 40% hp left
    • Phoebe: (equipped all w/ Sitrus Berry)
      • Beat both with 's Toxic/Protect abuse. Luckily, none of the second Dusclops's earthquakes hit me (and only Ice beams/Rock Slides); result = 4hp left
      • Used to 2hko both her; result = 20%hp
      • Lastly, sent out to deal with via Confuse Ray/Dive repetition; result = 60% HP left
    • Glacia: (equipped Focus Band on and used Elixir on )
      • dealt with both , using Toxic/Protect and Shockwave; result = 3hp left
      • dealt with the first , needed help fromto defeat the 2nd; result = 16hp left/100%hp left
      • 2hko'ed with 2 Giga drains and a crit (lucky! XD); result = 90% hp left (hail damage)
    • Drake: (equipped all w/ Sitrus berry and used Max Elixir on both&)
      • 2hko'edwith Dragonbreath; result = 75% hp left
      • barely surviving 1st flamethrower from, and the paralyze from Dragonbreath saved my day. Giga drain allowed survival from following earthquake; result = 30% hp left
      • &teamed up against; result = 60%/30% hp left
      • took care of ; result = 40% hp left
      • &teamed up against ; result = 15hp/90% hp left
    • Wallace: (equipped &w/ Sitrus Berry, w/ Focus Band , Leppa Berry on's Giga Drain)
      • &took care of &, respectively; result = 100/40%hp left
      • &teamed up to beat ; result = 100/40%hp left
      • leveled up, replaced Water Pulse with Charge
      • easily dealt with ; result = 100% hp left
      • &teamed up once again to beat; result = 32hp/40%hp left
      • all teamed up against ; result = faint


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