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Applying for: Scripter (or music hacker. if you give me the midi or .s file I can insert it. still learning that though)
Skill level: Middle (I can't do movement scripts right now. I just need to learn that)
Allotted Time: Depends. Probably 10- 20 hours a week I can dedicate to this.
Proof of Work: I can make a lot of scripts. (give items, random events, money, sounds, and others) Here is one example. If you want more just ask .
#dyn 0x740000
#org @Main
checkflag 0x201
if ==jump @Second
showmoney 0x0 0x0
message @First
callstd MSG_Normal
givemoney 1000 0
pause 0xF
updatemoney 0 0 0
message @Second
callstd MSG_Normal
hidemoney 0 0

#org @First
= Here.
#org @Second
= Don't spend it all in one place!

Contact Info: PC PM?
Anything else?: Nope