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I was actually in a different plane trying to get somewhere when this happened, we were about to take off and I just look out the window and see all the smoke and thought what the hell is happening?? It was pretty terrible to watch, there seemed to be dozens and dozens of ambulances, paramedics, firefighters, etc. and it took them a long time to put out the fire. I'm really hoping that those injured make it out okay and hopefully those who were missing are/were found. RIP to the two deceased as well.
My God, that must have been horrifying...

Anyway, this is terrible. We read about it on the way home from lunch today, and I just can't imagine how it must have been for those on the flight. I hope the injured get healed and RIP to the ones that passed. I heard those airlines, or that plane in general, can't remember, was brand new. I'm sure that checking planes before taking flight will be a bigger deal now because of this.

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