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Alright, so this is a fanfiction I've been working on for quite some time but haven't been able to make much progress on. Hopefully by posting it here, I'll get some feedback that will give me plenty of inspiration to continue.

Either way, this is a more serious story, and the first parts of it will be darker, because that's the way things are going to have to roll to get the plot going. So, I'm rating it PG-15 for some language (scattered here and there), dark themes, violence, and possible romance.

PM List:

Please enjoy!



Sinnoh -- Crown Mountains, in an uncharted Thunder Corporation base. Forty years ago

“Sir, the experiment so far is on schedule, and we now have results.” A woman wearing a black uniform reported to a man, also dressed completely in black.

“Good. What was the test Pokémon?” The youthful Boss’s deep voice resonated throughout the laboratory room, his voice commanding the full respect and attention of those listening. The tall, dark-haired man walked down the hall he had inherited barely five years ago from his fathers, and he could not have gotten it at a worse time for ambitious projects.

“…Sir?” The woman snapped Dantès out of his darker thoughts. “As you know, any living Pokémon that we have tested so far have perished in the experimentation. Their genetic structure has been incompatible with the DNA of the Mew we’ve been using.”

“However, as always, these failures are but a minor setback. We’ve taken an alternate route and tested our serum on an un-hatched Pokémon that is naturally strong enough to survive the injection.” She obviously seemed to be pleased with herself. “So far, this part of the experiment is now turning out to be a success.”

“Good. If this batch of subjects proves to be good, then we can start up on bigger plans.” The Boss’s pale face was mostly unemotional as was, but the woman standing next to him knew that the words she spoke were almost music to his ears.

“Then we will go and make more of it right away, and secure more compatible eggs for ourselves in the meantime.” The woman said her words more as a suggestion than a declaration, looking like she was secretly hoping to be recognized.

“Good call, Scarlett. I am pleased with your efficiency. If this serum works on our Pokémon well enough, we may very well begin testing this formula on humans as well at the same time.” The Boss left the laboratory, and Scarlet followed down several corridors. They then went in silence to a small landing pad outside, where the Boss’s helicopter awaited to take him back to Headquarters in the western portion of Canalave City.

The two stopped before the helicopter made preparations for take-off, and Scarlet finally spoke up. “Why human testing already, James?”

“It’s an option is worth considering, in spite of the risks. Pokémon tend to have minds of their own, while humans are more easily influenced to obey their superiors, even if they’ve got something special to them.” Dantès paused to let his words sink in, and turned towards the woman. “Place any compatible egg in stasis for further experimentation. I do not want it to hatch earlier than I want it to. Destroy the rest.”


Sinnoh -- Canalave City. Team Thunder Headquarters. Two weeks later

Dantès walked down the hall of an opulent mansion that belonged to a younger man, who was a part of the elite ruling class of Canalave City, and the surrounding districts that belonged to the city-state, and even to Sinnoh. Here, he was Richard Alfonse II, and had inherited this mansion on his late mother’s side of the family, as he and both his parents were all lacking in siblings.

An old man walking slowly down the hall, who happened to be his personal valet in this side of things, interrupted him. To everyone else, he was but a servant here, but in the crime syndicate commonly referred to as Team Thunder, he was an Executive in charge of the operations going on in this sector of Sinnoh. “So, how was the day?” To any others that might have been prying, it was an innocent and routine question. However, the two promptly went into a secure study and shut the doors behind any others that maybe eavesdropping.

“Oh, it was productive.” Dantès handed over a clipboard to the elderly man, who eagerly scanned it. “What do you think of Number Six?”

“Which batch? I see ten different ones here, all different results.” The Executive scanned the clipboard again, seeing plenty of promising batches.

“The one near the top -- That’s the one that reacted the best to the treatment. It seems to be not only stable, but also actually taking it well. Look at the way its skin tone is changing, though.” Dantès was apparently pleased with this particular one.

“Ah, that’s going to be a good Axew alright, if it survives any time after hatching. As for the skin tone, it does not matter too much anyway. What about the others, James?"

“I don’t think they’re going to make it, Alex. I will be calling the boys and telling them to put down any that react badly to it – they’re a waste of money and aren’t good for anything. As for Number Six..." James paused a while. If this worked, a lifetime's worth of work would finally be complete. "I think it'll work. Let's have the serum prepared for a human target, if the formula works.”

Nothing had to mess up, though. If something did, two generations of work and sacrifice could be for naught, and Team Thunder could meet its ruin.
The Tale of a Wanderer -- Reboot coming in the future

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