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    I am all for a game like this, it would be amazing, but it is a HUGE undertaking.

    Most people work for years on games that only has 1 region, even if they are remakes.
    Doing this project would involve recreating at least 600 maps, 400 tilesets, 800 soundtracks, eventing over 700 events, 400 battles and over 2000 NPCs with generic dialogue. And then we have all the generic graphic such as items, world maps, etc.
    This game would take years to do with a talented team working full-time.

    I am not trying to shoot you down or anything, but I think you should start on smaller scale for your first project.

    I'd love to see a game with all regions but it's on such a massive scale, and has been attempted so many times before, I find it hard to believe it could succeed.

    Still, all of my best luck.
    You should never stop doing what you love, and as long as you think
    it's fun to make this game, go for it! Nobody's stopping you! ;D
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