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    Hey everyone, im doing a lets play nuzlocke run of the Pokemon Sacred Gold hack. If anybody would be interested in tuning in and giving me some feedback that would be great. (Maybe a like?) This is my first time doing a lets play and my first time doing a nuzlocke so i figured if anybody would enjoy it and give me some constructive criticism, it would most certainly be the Pokecommunity. I will also be doing other lets plays in the future so any suggestions as to what it should be are welcome. Weather it be a solo run or a speed run or just a normal play through, let me know. Thank you for your time.
    My youtube channel is "Sphizix"
    Copied and pasted this because im an idiot and posted in the wrong section but i now realize that there is a lot of people jumping on the nuzlocke of this hack. (probably because of "MO", i dont know) Regardless im going to finish what i started =) (unless you want to suggest something else that you would rather see)

    Note:The first episode isnt the best and i made a lot of improvements in episode 2.

    I would post a link but i cant yet as i am a new member (Spam Prevention ?) either way i cant realy figure out the youtube tag thing either.