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    Not really even though i do get inspired by things; however I never really got off into creating my own rom hacks because I couldn't figure it out (I still want to do it though), When I first joined i wanted to do a yellow remake that went to the Johto region after the sevii islands quest, but now I have an idea that's fully fanmade if anyone wants to help because I'm not very good at spriting or scripting I only have the story really.

    Pokemon: ~Lunar~ : (fire red for the rom base)

    You, a 13 year old boy named, Kite, finally get a starter (a choice of 5)
    Fire: Charmander
    Water: Totodile
    Grass: Treecko
    Electric: Pikachu
    Normal: Eevee

    To start your journey in the Krane Region, meanwhile the antagonist of the game the mysterious "Team Jade" have just gained the king of the sea (Lugia) under their control and plan to use him to destory the world because they feel as though it has grown too corrupt over the 1000 years their organization has existed (or do have a little more in mind than just world purification in this new dawn of time?) Along with your childhood friends Leon and Rose the ties of friendship are constantly tested along your journey.

    Main Characters

    Kite - Male Protagonist, age 13, calm in most situations, but very naive

    Rose - Female Protagonist, age 13, hardy and competitive.

    Leon - Your best friend, very dark and distant, Kite and Rose are his only friends and his "true friends"

    Professor Julia - Pokemon professor of the game, unlike other pokemon professors she's also on a journey studying pokemon you tend to run into her from time to time.

    Kiri'e - 2nd Gym Leader (dark type user), has bad history with team jade and is clouded by revenge when she finds out that they're active again

    Joey - Age 15, no one knows the origin of this mysterious kid or if he can be trusted, but he doesn't seem like a threat atleast, and he proves himself quite useful to you on your journey as he will help from time to time.

    Jack - Team Jade admin, team jade has seen your prowess and has sent him after you to stop you in any attempt to you make to defeat them.

    Rita - Team Jade admin, appears along with Jack, yes that means a double battle (sort of a team rocket thing like in the anime exept they can actually succeed)


    * A New Protagonist
    * 2 regions, the Krane region and the Jinto region
    * 16 Unique Gyms and 2 Pokemon League Elite 4
    * A pokemon world tournament (after clearing both of the leagues)
    * All 386 (1st 3 gen) pokemon obtainable some form of way (some are obtained through events that occur during the journey)
    * Gym Battles Will be 3 v 3 in Krane, Double Battle 4 v 4 in Jinto
    * Me, Sora, the Pokemon World Champion (it's a bit much of a title, but i rarely ever see hackers include themselves in their hacks, but if going to appear I've gotta do something amazing and I help you in Jinto)
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