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    Team Name: Team Ultimo

    Hack Name: Pokemon Infinity(Subject To Change)

    Introduction: ive been hacking for about 4 years now and i can exactly do Everything by myself so all help will and shall be appreciated and taken to the utmost care

    Inspiration: My inspiration for this hack is quite simple i got the ideas from manga, tv, anime, and a few Pokemon games/hacks to name a few would be Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Reborn, Pokemon Raptor, and Pokemon Flora Sky loved all those and want to make mine hopefully on par with those from my own persepctivie of course

    -Part one of the trilogy
    -Day and Night System
    - Physical/Special Split (like gen 4 and up)
    -New Hero/Heroine
    -Team Meteor new evil team what are their true objectives? nobody knows
    -2 Regions and maybe an island for a post game place like the fight area etc
    -sidequests/events pertaining to backstory and legendaries among other things(some will b required to progress the story)
    -will have pokemon from the first 5 Gen's maybe some from gen 6
    -Library system to find interesting stuff in game(you will have to read them to figure out a few puzzles and continue story)
    -Berry System
    -More then 1 rival
    -Trick house place
    -will have quotes from anime, manga, among other places
    -Sidequests are mandatory to continue the plot

    Positions Needed:
    OW Spriters
    Any Other Positions That I Havent Listed Are Also Welcomed Just VM your proof and everything all work is appreciated

    What I can do:
    Why i want this Postition:
    Position applying For:
    Proof of Work(If any):
    Time Zone:
    Contact Info:

    Extra Info: id like weekly updates if you apply thx

    Current team members:
    Ultimo1991- Intermediate/Advanced Scripter, Mapper, OW Spriter, Leader, Storyline Creator, Info gather, Tile Inserter(when the time comes)
    GoldenRiolu- Spriter, Mapper, OW Spriter(possibly OW)
    Sonicfan7895- Sub-Leader, Pok'edex creator, and sprite inserter, Wild Pokemon Editor
    Vespertine- Music COmposer, and Proofreader

    Current Projects:
    Pokemon Infinity
    Hacks I Support:

    Owner and Creator of pokemon Infinity/Starlite/Galaxy
    Pokemon Infinity recruiting if ya wish to help plz visit Team Ultimo team thread thx and i appreciate it:D