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    Here is my Su. I'll be using a former character as well due to the same reasons as Skymin stated above. However, I've twisted her history a bit to match the current Rp.

    Name: Catherine *Kat* Primrose

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Picture ---->

    Kat is about 5’06” and weighs approximately 115.0 lbs with a slender figure. Her hairstyle is most of the time the one that can be seen in the picture, however, she will make some changes to it from time to time so don’t be surprised if you’ll find her with a bun or braided hair. She doesn’t have any scars on her body, but she does have an unusual birthmark on the upper part of her back, close to her right shoulder which resembles a butterfly.

    For her journey she decided to go with something simple yet elegant at the same time for her choice of clothes. Apart from the one’s she is wearing she also has a scarf and an umbrella put for safe keeping in her bag.

    Personality: Kat is a very bold person who is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she thinks is best, despite being very well mannered and elegant. This would be something to admire in a person, however, due to her place in society, she learned that doing so will harm her parent’s reputation. But this didn’t stop the girl from making her opinion heard, being as witty and devious as she is she found out that she could stand her ground by outsmarting the other party. Kat is the type of girl who doesn’t give a dime on what others think, but cares about how her actions affect her loved ones. She is very smart, being at the top of her class, and is quick to react but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get things wrong sometimes….she’s not a smartass that’s for sure. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very determined in what she does and doesn’t stop until what she has on her mind is done.

    Even if she looks fragile, she is very powerful and packs a punch which will make you see stars, not quite the lady you imagined. Hey a girl has to be ready for everything ( or so she believes ). The only moments when Kat can really be herself and forget all about the rules and etiquette of aristocracy is when she is alone or with her mother. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys acting elegant and being refined, but she also enjoys running barefoot into a field of flowers and resting under and old Oak tree.
    All in all, in a few words, you could say Kat is a mixture of bold with elegance, some drops of intelligence and determination, an accidental drop of stubbornness and a sprinkle of power. Just your normal high-class lady, who knows what she wants and tries to get it.

    History: Catherine is the one and only daughter and heir of the Primrose family, who is an aristocrat family well known in Velistone City, which is Kat’s birth place, and most parts of the Sinnoh region. Daughter of Elizabeth Primrose and Maxwell Primrose, she is the most precious thing on earth for them and care a lot for her, sometimes more than they should. Her father owns some private companies throughout the region which mostly deal with the development of new medicine and medical equipment. Kat had a beautiful childhood and despite her father being very busy, and often had to leave home for weeks, she was raised by her mother who left her job as a fashion designer to rest and devoted herself to her daughter.

    One day, when Catherine was about ten years old she was taken by her father to a nearby park since he promised her for a long time that when he comes back home he will spent some time with her. There, he let the girl do what she wanted as he sat on a nearby bench and watched from afar. As the little girl was playing, she met a young boy around her age with whom she quickly made friends. The youngster presented himself as Damien, with a big smile on his face. The two started playing around and soon enough got caught in the heat of the moment and were competing in every little thing they did: most birds seen in the sky, the most swings made on the swing and the biggest rock they could find, all this under the amused eyes of Catherine’s father. As the sun went down the two kids were still at it in their competition, but since it was getting late Kat’s father got up and went towards his girl. At the same time a car stopped next to the playground and out came a man, dressed in a fancy suit and holding a briefcase. The man wasn’t a stranger for Maxwell, he was a former friend of his that was also part of the high class society, having a series of medical companies as well around the region. I say former, because the two had a huge fight in their teens due to Maxwell winning over his current wife, wife that had been the crush of his “friend”. The man called out Damien and gave a big grin towards Maxwell, who just realized that the boy was actually the son of his former friend.

    Since that incident, the two arch enemies started bumping into each other more often that they would like, at certain events, meetings and other places and started bragging about their children. As a result Kat started being initiated into the fine art of being a lady, at her father’s wishes. This was of course bound to happen one day due to their position in society, but at the age of twelve this was too soon. Because of this Kat’s mother insisted that if this was to happen she would personally teach her child, thing that made Kat happy as ever.

    Over the years that have passed since Maxwell decided to turn his daughter into the perfect heir, Kat’s relationship with her father has developed into something that Kat couldn’t have predicted. She isn’t allowed out without any supervision, she has to be home by 7 PM, she isn’t allowed outside without his permission and most of all, she has to act accordingly when in the presence of guests. It’s obvious to tell that this regiment isn’t really to Kat’s liking, but the girl has her ways of dealing with this life, not to mention that a bit of help from Kat’s mother is always to her liking. She usually sneaked outside and wandered through the gardens or the nearby forest, her mother always took her daughter out in town, Maxwell knowing that it was for her education, but the two girls always went and had fun together. However as fun and helpful as Elizabeth may have been, Kat cannot convince her mother to help her without first finishing her lessons or other duties she has. Kat’s very fond of her mother and admires her deeply. She couldn’t believe that when her mother was young, she went on a pokemon journey through other regions and only after that she became a designer. Kat got really intrigued by the stories her mother kept telling her and soon enough the girl was looking through any book she could find about pokemon, battles and so on.

    Being caught in the feud with his former friend, Maxwell has become overprotecting of his daughter and is somehow very strict in his way of dealing with her, always wanting for her to be the best at what she does so she is not shadowed by Damien. She was always compared to Damien and told that she should not be any lower that him. This led to both children being irritated when compared to the other so while maintaining a diplomatic smile in public, the two always bicker at each other when left alone.

    Now Kat is seventeen and has turned into a fine young lady, a lady who cannot stand any more of her father’s protectiveness and has to face her father’s wish of her being her heir in the company. Kat had put up with everything that her father had demanded from her, but now it was too much. She refused and told him that she desires to start a pokemon journey, just like her mother did when she was her age. They fought on the subject. Seeing that he couldn’t convince his daughter by simple means, Maxwell, with a bit of restraint, offered Kat a deal. He would let her embark on her journey …..BUT if she doesn’t do something praise worthy on her journey, she would have to abandon being a pokemon trainer and take over the family company. Elizabeth was about to try and explain to her husband that that was impossible for a starting trainer, but Kat spoke sooner and agreed without hesitation to the deal. She knew that a starting trainer has a lot to learn and won’t become famous overnight, but she was determined to fight and pursue what she wanted to do. With things settled she said farewell to the mansion, to her father and mother and hopped in the car prepared to take her to Twinleaf Town where she would receive her first pokemon.

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