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This looks fun, please could I reserve a place with Shinx as my starter please? Will get to work and get my SU up as soon as possible! Thank you!

My SU:

Name: Jason Stafford
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Jason is a boy around average height, maybe towards the taller end and is a little on the skinny side. He has a fair complexion with bright blue eyes, just like his mother's were. Jason also has sandy blonde hair that he wears spiked up, with a red headband with a compass in the centre to support his hair.
For this adventure, Jason is wearing a blue letterman's jacket with a globe and lightning bolt logo on the left hand side of it. The jacket s done all the way up to the top and is extremely old and faded. He's also wearing a pair of faded, torn blue jeans, held up by a fairly plain white belt, that is slightly discoloured, with a chain hanging down off it. In regards to footwear, he is wearing a beat-up old pair of red trainers that have clearly seen better days. The only other item Jason has on him is a necklace of his mother's that he keeps in his pocket; it's a beautiful gold chain with a large stone as blue as the sea dangling from it.

Personality: Jason is an incredibly bright person, both academically and in a worldly sense also. He is fairly adaptable to new situations also, due to what happened in his past, he had to be! If someone was to befriend Jason, they would find a loyal companion in him and someone with a burning desire to please and keep them safe from harm. However, Jason is slightly reluctant and shy when encountering new people and can sometimes seem rude due to this, hence why he has very few friends.
He is fascinated by the water and everything to do with it, an intrigue stemming from his mother. He is a person who would much rather go and relax, alone by a river or the sea, than spend time with others. Jason does try to avoid big social events, much preferring a quite scene with a few close friends as he is rather quiet and dislikes big social events quite strongly.

History: Jason was born into a very rich family who lived in a mansion just outside Goldenrod City. It was just him and his parents there and he was incredibly happy when he was a young boy. It is safe to say he was living the high life! He had all the toys he could ask for, had lots of little friends in the area and always excelled at school, making his parents very proud of him. However, one day, when he was 8 years old, disaster struck. His parents were on their way back from a party in the city, when they were involved in a car accident, which killed both of them. Jason was distraught. In the following days, the house was repossessed and his parents fortune vanished without a trace.
Jason, without a penny to his name was sent to stay with his Aunt in Twinleaf Town, the only reminder of his parents, his mother's necklace. Despite her best efforts, his Aunt was poor and struggled to provide for him. Jason struggled at school as very few people talked to him and he was set apart by his lack of social knowledge and his intellect, which the other kids mocked him for. During his teenage years, Jason began getting more adventurous, staying out late and exploring the local areas and getting to know the ways of the world better, learning how it wasn't anything like the idyllic image his parent had made him believe it was. When Jason heard about Professor Fir's invitation to become a Pokémon trainer, a plan started to formulate in his mind. If he became a trainer, he could start earning money from battling other trainers and gym leaders and gain some strong Pokémon to boot. He could start to rebuild his parents lost fortune with the ultimate goal of recovering their original fortune and making his dead parents proud of him once more...

Starter: Shinx
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