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    Could I reserve Turtwig please? I'll also have my SU up soon.

    Name: Alex Ganston

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Picture of Him:

    Appearance: The first thing someone would notice about Alex is his, standing at about 6'2". Fairly solid build, he tries to get in a work-out whenever he can, although he is by no means 'beefy'. He has medium-short black hair, along with some stubble which can easily grow into a beard in simply a week. His eyes are a dark brown, which are nearly black if not seen up close.

    For his travels, he decided to go with something that wouldn't be too bulky, nor thin, seeing as it is cold in Sinnoh. He wears a black crewneck sweater, with picture of an outline of a Noctowl on it, made of gold lines. He wears dark blue jans with a black belt and a Pokeball holder on the belt. His backpack is a nice yellow-orange color, which he uses to store various things such as items and snacks of the sorts.

    Personality: Can be arrogant and cocky at times, Alex is not afraid to turn down a challenge, which shows his more competitive side. However, he does try his hardest to not rub the wrong way against people. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and if anyone has a problem with him he's not afraid to get physical. Getting into a few fights in the past, he can handle himself fairly well. He can also get carried away at times, and tends to linger around in past events, or hold grudges.

    Once getting to know Alex, people can get fairly used to his attitude. He's by no means negative, but he has a potty mouth. Although his mom has capped him, his language has dropped significantly in terms of vulgar words. However, he can be a nice guy, especially to his friends or someone who needs help. He likes to take charge of situations, and isn't embarrassed to do something, as he could care less about what people think of him.

    On another note, he likes to say cheesy-pick up lines, especially slightly dirty ones. He hasn't really had a girlfriend, and is also not sure why. However, he loves his mom, and wouldn't pick any girl over her, despite how much he may talk back to her or disagree.

    History: Before becoming a trainer, Alex was a trouble maker. He essentially roamed the streets of Jubilife City, pulling pranks, staying up late, doing the usual teenager stuff. There was also a time when he started to steal from PokeMarts, mostly for jut giggles and peer pressure. Although he never got caught, he did eventually stop, after the PokeMart moved locations to the other side of the city. Growing up by a single mother, Alex never had a father figure in his life. He could honestly care less about his father, but he does occasionally wonder what he is like, as his mom never talks about him. All he knows is that his father is a police officer, in another city.

    Without his father, Alex has learned to become more independent, despite his mother's efforts to help him. He has lived a fairly simple life, despite not being incredibly wealthy and being able to afford some 'wants' of the average teenager. Alex has learned to cope with what he has, and not complain about what he doesn't. Although this was the main driving force for stealing, in the back of his head, he honestly believes he just did it for fun, not wanting to admit it.

    His mother originally did not want him taking the chance of becoming a Pokemon trainer, mainly due to his behaviour, and possible conflict with other trainers. However, truth be told, she was just worried about him leaving. With no father, or siblings, she did not want to feel alone. However, she knew that Alex would return someday. Alex personally did not care about going on the journey, but after hearing about it around town, it became of interest to him, especially the exploring aspect of it.

    Reserved Starter: Turtwig

    RP Sample:Click Here. It's the first post, and there's also other posts of mine there too.
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